Meet Lindsay Lutes – Phoenix With Kids Contributor

Meet Lindsay Lutes

Lindsay Lutes

1. Tell us about yourself!
My name is Lindsay and I am a mom of two. I am an overnight newborn care specialist and also finishing up my BSN in Nursing, which I will finish in March 2021. I hope to work in either postpartum, the NICU, or in Pediatrics. I am a former teacher but was drawn to the world of birth and newborns after my son was born in 2014. In my free time, I love binge-watching Netflix shows and enjoying local AZ eats!

2. How long have you lived in Phoenix?
About 27 years! I was born in Mesa and lived in Arizona for the next 20 years! I spent a few years away from Phoenix (1.5 years in Wyoming and 1 year in Australia), but then moved back and have lived in Phoenix since!

3. Tell us about your family?
My husband’s name is Chris and he works from home and does a lot to manage the house and kids! We have been married for 6 years. My son’s name is Alex and he is 5 and my daughter’s name is Emily and she is 2. We don’t have a lot of family close by, so we spend a lot of our family time enjoying each other!

4. What do you enjoy doing as a family?
We love to explore local attractions. We are huge fans of AZ Staycations and love the offerings of the Phoenix-area family-friendly resorts. I consider California our second home, so we try to go to Disneyland, Legoland, and the beach cities often! We love movies, family-friendly restaurants, and just spending time playing and hanging out together.

5. What is one place your kids love to go?
Both of my kids adore the Children’s Museum of Phoenix! They can play, do art, take classes, and just have fun being a kid! I highly recommend this museum to anyone visiting or local!

6. Tell us why you like living in Phoenix.
I love Phoenix because there is so much to do! You can live every day like you are on vacation. There are great restaurants, things to do with kids, beautiful sights to see, and so much more. Even after living here 20 years, there are still places I have not been!

7. What is one inside tip you would give to a family moving to Phoenix?
The suburbs in Phoenix are amazing! Looks for neighborhoods with splash pads, pools, parks, and kid recreation activities! Most neighborhoods have social media sites to connect families, so look into those to find new family friends!

8. How do you survive a Phoenix summer?
An auto-start on my car!!! I got one installed in my new car last summer and it has been a game changer. I start my car about 10 minutes early and it is nice and cool for the kids when we get in! There are also a lot of great activities in the summer. There are splash pads, water parks, and city pools (many with lots of fun add-ons such as slides, lazy rivers, etc). We try to take an annual staycation to the Summer at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess event. There are many other great kid-friendly resorts as well!. It is also well worth it to sneak away for a kid-free night at any of those or the more adult-oriented resorts in the Phoenix area. If we can’t be in the pool, we explore the many different museums, play centers or go to the movies.

9. What are three of your “must see” places in the city?
We love the Phoenix Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and anywhere where you can experience the Sonoran Desert! We personally like the Desert Botanical Garden! It is so hard to narrow down my top three places! There are so many!

10. What is one place you recommend visiting in Arizona?
A great place to visit is Williams, Arizona! Bearizona is a great drive and walk through zoo! The Grand Canyon Deer Farm is nearby and is a fun place to pet and interact with animals! The Grand Canyon Railroad is a great way to get to the Grand Canyon, and the Polar Express during winter is a lot of fun!

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Lindsay Family

Lindsay, with husband Chris, son Alex, and daughter Emily


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