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Meet Our Contributors

Tamie Cosman

My most important job on this earth is being a mom to my four incredible kids and I absolutely love it. Documenting their lives and creating memories for all of us as a family is what feeds my soul.

Shanelle Kuntz

We are a young family of 5, currently 3 kids 4 years and under. We love to explore and travel. We try and make the most fun out of even the most plain of circumstances.

Liz Haveman

I am a New Jersey native who is enjoying my life as a wife and mom here. I miss the fall, but not the snow! My hobbies are writing, digital photo editing, and planning family vacations.

Lindsay Lutes

I love Phoenix because there is so much to do! You can live every day like you are on vacation. There are great restaurants, things to do with kids, beautiful sights to see, and so much more. Even after living here 20 years, there are still places I have not been!

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

I love long walks on the beach when I get the chance to! I am a huge baseball fan, even though I can’t play to save my life.