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Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

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1. Tell us about yourself!
Hi, I’m Kim. I also answer to MoM, Mommy, or Moooooommmmmmmyyyy (not sure how to spell that last one). I love long walks on the beach when I get the chance to! I am a huge baseball fan, even though I can’t play to save my life.  I am a total clean freak and often get yelled at for not being able to relax. I always have something going on in my head. I’m a Wildcat for life and before I was a MoM I was a project manager in the construction and design world. I have been a writer and photographer my whole life. Most days I am completely consumed by toddler twins, adventures and sharing all the fun with people.

2. How long have you lived in Phoenix?
I have lived in Phoenix for 37 years, I was born out of state but lived here so long I am considered a native!

3. Tell us about your family.
I have a wonderful sexy loving caring husband and we have twin two year olds. Grandma and Grandpa are nearby and love coming on adventures with us to give me extra hands. I am lucky to have a handful of very close friends who are like family to me as well.

4. What do you enjoy doing as a family?
We enjoy going on “adventures” together. Whether it’s a quick trip to the park down the street or an across town playdate with friends, we turn everything into an adventure. My husband is home on Sundays so we spend the day together. Sometimes it’s hanging out around the house getting chores done like having the kids help with “construction” around the house. Sometimes we are out and about at whatever cool event I found going on.

5. What is one place your kids love to go?
The best part about this age (2.5) is that my lids love going anywhere! They can turn anything into fun, which makes it easy to go out and have fun. Currently they request to go to the playground. We have a small neighborhood park with swings, slides, plenty to climb and room to run and that is definitely the favorite!

6. Tell us why you like living in Phoenix.
To be totally honest I don’t like living in Arizona in the summer, but I love it the rest of the year. My main reasons for liking Phoenix involve having friends and family nearby. I have grown up here and I am so lucky to have such great friends to grow up with and my parents to help with the kids!

7. What is one inside tip you would give to a family moving to Phoenix?
Don’t move here in the summer! No, but really it would be to go out and explore. If you are sitting around at home waiting for people to find you, you will get lonely. Get out and explore your neighborhood. Then get out and explore the city. Then get out and explore everything the valley has to offer!

8. How do you survive a Phoenix summer?
Swimming pools, splash pads, baths, playing with ice, misters, spray poles, tank tops, sunscreen and trying to eat cool fresh foods while drinking a ton of water. Turn the car on and start the AC, then load up kids, or use remote start. Have an extra fan in the rooms you play the hardest in, don’t cook with your oven and black out curtains to keep your house cool.

9. What are three of your “must see” places in the city?
In Scottsdale, my top 3 would be: Old Town Scottsdale, The Diamondbacks spring training stadium at Talking Stick and the Greenbelt.

Old Town Scottsdale has all the tourist stuff for guests who visit, great food from a variety of restaurants, night life, shopping, art, events and fun for everyone.

Talking Stick is the area around where the Diamondbacks spring training stadium is. This area includes The Pavilions, Arizona Boardwalk and Salt River Fields. There is baseball, concerts, water parks, aquariums, play places and so much to do that there is literally something for everyone.

The Scottsdale greenbelt runs down Hayden from Shea down to Papago in Phoenix. Whether you are looking for a bike path, hiking path, lake for fishing, playground for the kids, park for a picnic or a golf game, it’s a long stretch of fun.

10. What is one place you recommend visiting in Arizona?
Jerome is a must visit! The small ghost town has haunted hotel rooms, the best food, great live music and gorgeous scenery. Whether it’s a day trip or weekend getaway, get spooked!

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Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

The Ollerhead Family