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Celebration of Christmas Spectacular at Dream City Church

Last weekend, we decided to add to our list of Christmas traditions and attend the Celebration of Christmas Spectacular at the Dream City Church in Phoenix. This is not just an ordinary story of Christmas, but a Broadway-style musical complete with a full orchestra. The theatre has three tiers and the experience feels much more like going to a theater performance than to church, but of course, there is definitely a spiritual element to this performance. As a child, I attended this show and I never forgot how beautiful the performance was!

The show combines great acting, dancing, acrobatic skills, live animals and many musical performances. The story reminds the audience to take a minute during the Holiday season and think about what is really important. The plot follows a group of people delayed in an airport during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, and how this delay gives them the opportunity to be together, instead of always being in a rush. There were definitely quite a few tears as each group shares their story. The last 15 minutes of the show shares the emotional story of Christ’s birth, complete with camels, kings, and angels!

It is hosted at a Christian church, and the pastor leads a few small prayers, and viewers should definitely understand that this is a church production, but the environment is very open, friendly, and nonjudgemental. We are not active church-goers and we felt very welcomed!

The show lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes and they have some fun stuff to do before the show, so you could easily spend 2+ hours there! Due to this, it is recommended for older children- with my recommendation being 5 and above. My 2-year-old was pretty well-behaved, but they did ask to leave the theatre if children became too rowdy. My 5-year-old enjoyed the music and didn’t quite understand the story, but it made a great conversation afterward!

Before the show, there were concessions (for purchase), face-painting, a chance to see Santa, and a few art activities set up. They have a full coffee-bar which was perfect for me to buy my “before the show” latte!

The show runs Thursday-Sunday, through the 22nd of this month and you can pre-purchase tickets online. There are three different seating sections. Weekdays are $9-$27, weekends are $12-$30, depending on what tier you select.

Also, at every show, there are quite a few seats for no charge located on Tier C that is open to anyone who does not have a ticket, just get there early to grab a seat! We sat in Tier A, but I have heard that there is not a bad seat in the house! Tickets can be purchased here.

If you have a chance, take the opportunity to spend an afternoon or evening enjoying a feel-good, Celebration of Christmas musical spectacular that reminds us to slow down, be kind, and remember the true spirit of Christmas, whether it is the religious aspect or just remembering the joy of family!

Dream City Church

13613 North Cave Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ 85022 US

Building A – Main Auditorium

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