Xtreme Gymnastics in Scottsdale

Xtreme Gymnastics in Scottsdale may be a great place for teaching your kids gymnastics, staying cool in the summer, learning new skills, and summer camps.

The 16,000 square foot gym offers classes from as young as 10 months and as old as 12 years. They offer drop-in play and a large variety of classes. Over the summer they run summer classes and educational programs. Classes are charged by flex pay, so you can pro-rate and pay for only the classes you take if you are traveling over the summer.

We recently stopped by for a Play With Me class, which is 60 minutes of open play in the gym. There is a teacher there to help if you need it, or you can roam around the gym and play your heart out. Kids are able to use trampolines, balance bars, balls, hula hoops, gym mats for jumping, uneven bars, swing bars and so much more.

Class Ages

Cruz-n-Crawl 10 to 18 months

Mighty Movers 18 to 35 months

Bounce-A-Bouts 3 to 4 years

Gym Stars Girls 4 to 5 years

Future Stars Boys 4 to 5 years

PLAY With Me from 10 months to 5 years of age. Play with Me is a 60-minute parent/child open exploration playtime for children 10 months-5 years of age. A fun and exciting way for the family to hit the gym. Our friendly experienced staff will be available on-site to supervise.

Gymnastics ages 5 to 12 years

During classes, parents are able to sit and observe from this area by the cubies, as well as up above on the balcony.


Prices range from $67 up to 127 depending on the age of the child, with a $39 annual fee ($80 max per family). See the website for a complete list of fees.
– Tuition is billed monthly on or before the 1st
– Tuition received after the 1st requires re-enrollment
– 10% late fee accessed on the 6th
– FREE auto-debit service available
– Our average month is 4 weeks- Make-Ups available for missed classes

Create an account in their customer portal here to sign up for a free trial class.

Xtreme Gymnastics

14000 N Hayden Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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