Wildlings Toys in Phoenix

Cars, dinosaurs, unicorns, oh my – You can find these and so much more at a new local toy store, Wildlings Toys in Phoenix. Yes, an actual brick and mortar toy store. A place you can go to see unique toys you won’t find in big box stores. They also have a website if you can’t make it in, or need to hide your purchase from the kids.

I headed to check out Wildlings Toys to shop for my kid’s birthday. The kids had been inventing presents they wanted (a full-size train that starts at our house and goes to the ocean seems easy enough, not) so I needed some actual real-life ideas. I went in to talk to the owner of this new store, Jenn, and she was able to show me lots of ideas. I told her a few things about my kids and she showed me all kinds of cool toys.



We go through books like crazy around my house and I can never get enough. One thing I liked about the collection of books Jenn has chosen for the store is the variety. There are classics like Little Blue Truck, but also new unique books about trucks. And lots of Arizona books, Good Night Grand Canyon is just so cute!

Unique Gifts

I don’t know about you, but I stress about other kid’s birthdays more than my own. My own will give me a list of everything they want. But sometimes I draw a total blank on friends or nieces and nephews. Jenn was able to point out so many unique ideas based on age. She pointed out the pros and cons of them as well. A perfect example, this widow cling art kit. It’s for older kids, but an art lover would love something like this. And a hands-on parent could have so much fun helping a kid make it.

Wildlings Toys in Phoenix

Here are some of the unique things I fell in love with. A couple of these ended up in my cart!


Jenn has a bottle upfront of these bubbles, they are the easiest bubbles I have ever seen. And they go and go and go and go.

How about this magnetic doll house, this ringroad, this construction set, cupcakes, and this Arizona RV is perfect for any AZ kid or gift from any AZ kid.


Check out their website here for a sneak peek of all the goodies. Start your search by age, developmental skills, activity or see some of the owner’s favorites.

More Than Toys

Story Time September 25th outside the store in the grass, followed by yoga. More special events will be hosted here. For now, check her Instagram.

Wildlings Toys

6031 N 16th St Suite 4,

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Kim is a chef, dishwasher, dry cleaner, housekeeper, landscaper, snack fetcher, photographer and personal assistant to toddler twins. Curently homeschooling her three year olds and loving teaching preschool. She loves exploring everything with her kids and photographing every minute of it. Follow her on Instagram @phoenixwithtwins.

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