Wetlands Park in Yuma

Wetlands Park in Yuma is a unique playground that offers trains, planes, a castle, slides, an excavator for digging, and more! The playground has unique features, such as an ADA zipline, a climbing net for up to 60 kids, and a comfortable swing with a unique design for parents and children to swing together.

On December 28, 2014, a fire destroyed a playground that was built entirely by Yuma community members. The City of Yuma gathered together to rebuild a bigger, better, and safer playground that opened in 2015.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so look below and stop by to play the next time you find yourself in Yuma!



















The 110‐acre Wetlands Park in Yuma features a beach, boat ramp, disc golf course, equestrian trails, gardens, grills, picnic table, ramada, pond, walking path, playgrounds, and QR code video trail. The 30 acres of the “lower bench” are restored with native trees and grasses, and an additional 30 acres of the “upper bench” are developed with a lake, picnic ramadas, parking, lighting, and landscaping.



Getting There

GPS will lead you to a parking lot near the lake. We followed signs to a parking lot in between the two playgrounds making it easier to visit both. There is ample parking at both playgrounds.

West Wetlands Park

282 N 12th Avenue

Yuma, AZ 85364


There’s also a park with a splash pad in Yuma! Find out more here!

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