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Waymo Ride in Phoenix With Kids

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Waymo Ride in Phoenix With Kids. For the kids 6th birthday I took them on a surprise Waymo ride to dinner. They had seen me go off in a couple and were so jealous. They finally weighed enough for booster seats, so I thought it was their turn to have fun.

I ordered the Waymo, same process as any rideshare car ride. When it arrives, your initials are on the roof so you know which one is yours. Then you tap a button on your app to unlock the door and it welcomes you with your name.

We installed the booster seats with lower latch anchors and we were safely off.

The first few minutes of the ride were kids in shock watching the wheel turn all by itself. Then it was screaming happy screams when it stopped, avoided a bike that pulled out in front of us, as well as slowed down when someone cut us off in traffic. The kids adjusted the music to their preference in the back seat, and made videos of the steering wheel and road without a driver.

Waymo Ride in Phoenix With Kids

I have taken about a half dozen rides and still think it’s amazing that we have come so far along in technology that we have cars that drive themselves. I would have been content with a hoverboard!

We have suggested to friends and family to take one when they are in town. I have been in them when they navigate though busy parking lots and seen them safely swerve out of the way when other cars cut them off. Never felt like I was not safe even for a second. So far I have had zero problems and only have love for them!


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