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With temperatures in the triple digits, it's time to start a list of ways to cool off. What better way than playing with water? Here are some fun, easy ideas for water play at home!

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

With temperatures in the triple digits, it’s time to start a list of ways to cool off. What better way than playing with water? Here are some fun, easy ideas for water play at home! We have some fun water play ideas on our Pinterest boards, as well as on our Amazon page (affiliate).


Car Wash – Use PVC pipe or even a water sprinkler to create a drive through car wash for kids to ride through on their bikes or Coze Copes.


DIY Sponge Bombs


Fishing in the kiddie pool.


Pouring Station – Grab anything kids can pour water between and put in a kiddie pool, large rubbermaid container or in the grass and let them pour, pour, pour. Switch it up a little by coloring the water. When they pour it together they can even create new colors.


Pom Poms In Water – Put in some water, pom poms, scoops and let them play.


Walk The Plank and test your balance over a kiddie pool.


Water Wall – grab pool noodles, water bottles, pipes and anything water can flow through to create your own water wall.


Build your own rain gutter.


Giant Sprinkler – Ten foot tall unicorn. Need we say more?


Slip and Slide


Squirt Guns – Fill a handful of squirt guns and have them around the yard. You can fill buckets with water for refilling stations and have an old fashioned squirt gun fight!


Water Balloons – Throw them at each other, throw darts at them, play baseball with them instead of balls, make a pinata, add glow sticks for nighttime play!


Water tables can provide hours of entertainment. There are so many you can make yourself or store bought options. Add scoops, measuring cups and anything you can pour water into. More sensory bins ideas can be found here.


Bring the splash pad to your house. With so many large water toys out there, why not grab one, or two! From mythical creatures, to the extinct dinosaurs to cactus, palm trees and things to fit right in with the Arizona scene.


Pool noodle boat made from cut pieces of pool noodles with a straw and different textures (such as fabric, felt, paper or card stock) for different speeds. Have a boat race.


Relay race with water. Vary by your kids age and skill level. Pour some water in a bucket and  grab some plastic cups and make a path for kids to pour from cu to cup and into the final bucket. Or have kids soak up water in a sponge and see how full they can get their buckets. Any way you can get water from one place to another, turn it into a race.


Working on learning the alphabet, spelling, counting or language? Add some water proof letter to some water and grab a sifter, scoop, ladle or cup for kids to pull out letters.


DIY rain catcher for those days it actually rains here! Take a water bottle and cut it in half, flip the top upside down and leave out in the rain. Be sure it isn’t a flimsy bottle. Or make a few and leave them out over monsoon season.


Color water – put different colors of water in squeeze bottles and show kids how the color of the water changes when you pour them together.

BONUS: Too hot to stay outside with kids while they play in water? Bring the inside and let them swim in the bathtub! Or be sure to get yourself a comfy float so you can float around the pool. And don’t forget your sunscreen and drinks!

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