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Uptown Farmers Market in Phoenix

A farmers market may not seem like a kid friendly place, but Uptown Farmers Market is one of my favorite sports to take the kids! Some fresh organic fruits and veggies, some cakes and yummy treat followed by some play time for the kids. What could be better?

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

A farmers market may not seem like a kid friendly place, but Uptown Farmers Market in Phoenix is one of my favorite sports to take the kids! Some fresh organic fruits and veggies, cakes and yummy treat followed by play time for the kids. What could be better?

There is something for everyone including:

  • organic local fruits and vegetables
  • food trucks
  • coffee, tea, juices and plenty of drinks
  • pantry essentials
  • health and fitness essentials
  • kitchen supplies
  • dairy and eggs
  • bakery items, sweets
  • pet supplies

Be sure to check with the market website for an updated list of vendors.

Our Favorites

I first fill my coffee cup at Mama’s Cold Brew. If I need groceries or to restock on my favorite elderberry syrup, I grab them first so my kids don’t get a chance to get restless in the wagon.

Then it’s on to food! On this outing we had brunch at Chef Mum after I saw a fellow MoM (Mom of Multiples) eating crepes. Amazing crepe and sweet potato donuts were devoured by myself and my kids.

We usually stop for some Hannah Cakes early on so we can be sure to get whatever yummyness she is featuring. Her vegan, allergy friendly treats are always amazing and she has thought of everything down to the bag they come in being compostable.

The Cookie Bar Queen has samples of every cookie she makes, then a “week supply” of 7 to bring home. Don’t know why she calls it a week supply, it never lasts a whole week in my house.

I use Arizona Elderberry syrup nightly with my kids for immune support and I decided to grab a tincture on this trip to get one to boost my own immunity. Love having plenty on hand in case my littles catch a cough. So glad they love it, they ask for “yummy berry” each night.

Just For Kids

Wednesday lineup includes: Casita Curated Play, ETA Face Painting by Sarah, coloring pages and glitter tattoos.

Saturday lineup includes: Casita Curated Play, Midtown Music, ETA Face Painting by Sarah, Balloon Art by Joy and Tropical Island Bounce Houses.

Casita Curated Play

Emily has such a unique idea for each of her sensory tables. I feel like she does all the work for me. You grab a gorgeous redwood table with the large sensory box and lid in it or a small lap sized “build a box” and start filling. There is scented playdough, water beads, rice, sand and even snow to choose from. Her accessories take the cake, from a castle and knights to scoops, trees, candy, dolls, animals and more. There is no limit to her creativity and she has different boxes all the time. My kids often stay at one table and don’t move until I make them leave. Follow her on Instagram for more inspirational ideas for your sensory table to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Midtown Music

For the music lovers, this is a must stop by. Tim teaches drums, guitar and more. The display of musical instruments he lays out each week is so fun for the kids to get in touch with their inner musician. My two always play the drum, xylophone, and of course shake whatever they can! Tim hosts parties and teaches lessons. Check him out on Instagram.

ETA Face Painting by Sarah

Sarah has face painting and tattoos for kids of all ages. You can get a little tattoo starting at only $1. There is a display of her at work and book of tats to choose from. She can also paint on arms or legs for little kids. Sarah is very sweet and good with kids, making sure they are happy with their choice. Follow her on Instagram.

Bounce A Lot

What kid doesn’t’ like a bounce house? Each week there is a bounce house set up for jumping. Sometimes we have it to ourselves and other times there are too many big kids for us to go in. Bounce A Lot offers all kinds of rentals from toddler blow ups to adult size obstacle courses and they change the theme for the occasions.

The Just For Kids area also includes glitter tattoos and coloring pages on Wednesdays as well.

Basic Information

Uptown Farmers Market is located in the parking lot of North Phoenix Baptist Church, on the southeast corner of Central and Bethany Home Roads. The market moves inside the church for the summer!

Hours are: Saturday, 8am – 1pm, and Wednesday, 9am – 1pm.

Find Saturday vendors here.
Find Wednesday vendors here.

Uptown Farmers Market
5757 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012


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