Tumbleweed Park in Chandler

We were looking for a new adventure to get us out of the house on a perfect sunny Arizona Sunday, so we headed to Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. I had seen a few pictures of this place, but they do not do it justice. This place is incredible to say the least.

It was fairly crowded the afternoon we visited with lots of parties and kids playing. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a very large playground. Having two that can climb and are very adventurous, I would probably stick to a weekday where I can play a little closer to them. However there is so much to do that the playground was probably the thing we spent the least amount of time on!


Playtopia is a 2.5 acre playground and picnic section in the center of the city’s park. It features several playgrounds with themes based on Candler’s heritage. A large red barn canopy covers almost the entire play area making this a great spot for summer. There are numerous slides, bridges, climbing features and ride ons. I love the detail of the animals. It is a large play structure, and I lost sight of one of my kids for a few minutes. I quickly looked for the most dangerous place and found him!

City Land, the urban themed landscape has paved streets for walkways, vehicles you would find in big cities, numerous sitting tables, a clubhouse and small playground.

Critter Land has a massive gila monster, giant tortoise and bone digging down in the sand.

Tumbleweed park is also home to the Tumbleweed Recreation Center. This beautiful building is a 62,000 square foot recreation center designed to assist patrons in getting and staying active. The building features fitness classes, art studio, dance classes, gymnasium, indoor track, meeting room, racquetball, garden, lounge and more. Classes and programs for toddlers up to senior citizens. You can host your birthday party inside and there are numerous day camps for children to take advantage of. What a great resource for the neighborhood!

Tumbleweed Ranch, owned and operated by The Chandler Museum is also located in this area. This ranch explores chandler’s agricultural roots. It is also host to the Ostrich Festival as well and the Chandler Chuck Wagon Cook off. For more information click here. You can read our review of the Ostrich Festival here.


There are 14 total covered ramadas. From large enough for a corporate retreat to small enough for the family to gather for a private party. There are barn themed ramadas located between the playgrounds. On the day we visited each one had a party going on, ranging from 2 to 14 year olds. Ramada rental information can be found here.

I would note that there was no water on the park grounds. I noticed that all of the drinking fountains were not working. Most simply did not turn on, but a few were full of gross dirty water. A group of children actually pointed out to my kids that the ones by the restrooms did not work. I always have extra water in my truck, and this time I was grateful!


Amenities include swings, slides, benches, sand volley ball, horse shoes, soccer / football fields , built in corn hole, covered ramadas, little and big kid playgrounds, ride on “vehicles”. There’s also a zip line! There are large restrooms located at the entrance to the park. The Tumbleweed Recreation Center is adjacent, with the tennis courts all in this corner making, it a great destination.

Getting There

To access Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, park off of Germann and Hamilton, one-quarter mile west of McQueen Rd to park the closest to the park entrance. There is also parking around the entire park. Covered parking is located by the Rec Center, however it is a little bit of a walk if you have kids that may want to be carried back. You may want to park a little closer.

Tumbleweed Park
2250 S. McQueen Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286

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