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Tips for Visiting Legoland California

Jana Tingom

Tips for Visiting Legoland California. Last fall we took our first trip to Legoland California! It was the beginning of the popular weekend Brick or Treat event, so a little busier than normal we were told. But it was SO FUN and we would 100% do it again!!

Our family is huge LEGO lovers, so it only made sense to also stay in one of the themed hotels. Legoland California offers two different themed hotels for guests to choose from: Legoland Hotel, and Legoland Castle Hotel.
Both hotels are located on the property of Legoland California, making them a convenient option for families who want to maximize their time in the park. Both are colorful and playful, both have pools and restaurants, and themed rooms. And both hotels offer early entry into Legoland California and special access to select attractions. Guests can also purchase package deals that include park tickets and discounts on dining and merchandise.

The Legoland Castle Hotel takes guests back in time to the medieval era, complete with a giant Lego dragon in the lobby. The rooms are decorated with a knight or princess theme, and there are plenty of Lego play areas for kids to enjoy. The Legoland Hotel immerses guests in the worlds themed with Friends, Jungle Adventure, Kingdom, and more! Also included are Lego play areas, and a fun indoor play space.

Our castle room in the Legoland Hotel was well done, and there was a mini LEGO set in the treasure chest each night for each kid! We swam in the pool, enjoyed the buffet (breakfast is included with an overnight), and you can’t beat walking 2 min to the park entrance.

Tips for Visiting Legoland California

Here are some tips and tricks we learned that may prove useful if you’re a newbie to Legoland too:

  • you can bring in water bottles, and small snacks, and strollers or wagons
  • you can trade mini-figs! Bring some from home, and trade with any employee who has them in their display cases or around their badges
  • download the Legoland California app, very helpful to check wait times on rides, find restrooms and restaurants, and get times on character appearances

  • rides offer “parent swaps” if a child in your family is too young to ride; just inform an employee at the ride of your need
  • collect free pop badges from employees and different rides around the park, including the hotels. We came home with 10!
  • on that note, it’s worth a quick stop in each hotel to see the fun decor; and the Legoland Hotel has a cute castle themed play area, plus disco elevator! Note that the pools are for hotel guests only. 
  • hotel guests get in 30 min before opening time on weekdays, and 1 hour on weekends, to enjoy these rides: Coastsaurus, Fairy Tale Brook, Coast Cruise, NINJAGO The Ride. You will need to show your hotel key to access the rides, so even if you’re checked out of a hotel, it’s worth hanging on to your key and then returning later. 

  • if you purchase any Lego sets from the numerous gift shops, an employee can have them held at Guest Services until you’re ready to leave. And trust us, you’ll want to do some shopping!
  • wait time for rides can vary from 5-50 min. Keep an eye on times in the app. Visit on a week day if possible for less crowds. If you have an age range of kids, send older ones with one parent and younger ones with another parent to “divide and conquer”. 
  • our favorite rides? 11 year old loved LEGO Technic, and well as Pirate Reef, and Dragon Coaster. 7 year old loved Driving School, Lost Kingdom Adventure, and Kid Power Tower. 3 year old loved Fairytale Brook, Junior Driving School, and Beetle Bounce. As a family, we loved Emmet’s Flying Adventure, Deep Sea Adventure, and Splash Battle! 

  • if you’re looking for LEGO models to admire, MiniLand is definitely it, plus the Lego Movie 2 Experience. 
  • more info can be found on their website

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