Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale

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Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale is known for the four lighted softball fields used for baseball and softball leagues. It also features one basketball court and three pickleball courts, all lighted so you can play after the sun goes down.

Recently, we visited the playground with some friends and now it has become one of our kids’ favorite playgrounds.

The funny thing is, half of the time the kids are not even playing on the play equipment. So why do they like this park so much? Read on to find out.


Thompson Peak Park has a fairly large playground with two sets of play equipment. Most of the structure is covered under giant canopies, which is great for sunny days.

The smaller set is for toddlers and younger kids and features 3 sets of slides, a short monkey bar, and a fun crawling tube. The larger structure is for big kids and includes slides, fake boulders, climbing nets, monkey bars, and other obstacle courses. There are plenty of options to choose from and the kids love racing each other on the obstacle courses and playing tag on the play structures.

The playground also has a seesaw, which kids love. However, it’s pretty old and outdated with no springs on the bottom to protect our kids’ little feet. We usually let our kids play on it if they can do it calmly but once things get a little too rowdy, we ask the kids to play elsewhere.

The park also has 2 toddler swings and 4 regular swings.

The playground is all sand, which is great for the kids to dig a hole or build castles. There is a small area where there are two water pumps with sand in the middle. We can’t imagine what the water pumps are for besides for the kids to use the water and play in the sand. If your kids love water, make sure you bring a change of clothes because they will get dirty! It’s the perfect setup for the kids to dig and create an aqueduct in between the water pumps.

Although not technically part of the playground, our kids’ favorite part of Thompson Peak Park is the trees that surround the playground. There is a big tree next to the playground that they have turned into their “house,” complete with a living room, bathroom, and even an exercise room with a “treadmill.”

They also like to explore the plants around the playground. If you are doing wildschooling, this playground is a great place to just let your kids discover nature. The area has a gated community to one side and the fenced softball field on the other so you don’t have to worry about your kids wandering into the streets.

The downside of the playground is that there are no tables. There are a few benches around the playground; otherwise, there are no places to sit for the adults. We often just sit on the sidewalk while looking down at the kids playing in the bushes and trees.

The playground does have a bathroom, but it’s in the middle of all the sports fields. You can see it from the playground, but it’s a little bit of a walk to get to it.

Sports Fields and Courts

As mentioned above, there are very nice sports fields and courts at Thompson Peak Park. You can reserve the field by visiting here. The pickleball courts are free to use, no reservation required.

Getting There

Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale is right off E Thompson Peak Pkwy. There is a small road that you can turn onto to get to the park, but that parking lot is for the pickleball courts. For the parking lot right next to the playground, you want to first turn onto N 78th Pl. There is plenty of parking.

Thompson Peak Park
20199 N 78th Pl
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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