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Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale received an all inclusive user friendly remodel in early 2023 and it’s fabulous!

The playground has numerous slides for all ages, monkey bars, swings for all different levels of ability, there are numerous items for climbing, as well as great details like number counting and car racing. The majority of the playground is covered in shade, except the swings, making it a nice covered spot. There is seating for adults, but nothing in the shade.

Having the entire surface covered in the unitary rubber surface is very convenient for kids of all ages. Less likely to fall on concrete corners, or get annoying wood chips in shoes. I was definitely more comfortable with my kids climbing here and hoping Scottsdale continues adding this surface to future remodels.

Accessible Whirl a Merry-Go-Round experience with space for all users. I think my kids actually had more fun pushing each other around on this than me helping them spin.

This park also features baseball fields, pickle ball, basketball and restrooms.

The inclusive details from the City of Scottsdale’s website:

Accessible Whirl – A Merry-Go-Round experience with space and access for ALL users of ALL ages and ALL abilities

Kiddie Corner – Designed for our youngest users, this structure incorporates both visual and tactile features, a Double Glide Slide as well as a Basket Sway swing which is ideal for a lower range of vestibular action since it is tethered underneath. This swing also doubles as a cozy spot for a child to rest and still be in the middle of the playground action. The Unity Steppers which functionally link the structure to the Home Dome create the perfect layout for a game of The Floor Is Lava. They can also be simply a hang out spot for observers. Home Dome climber with its accessible entry point to navigate inside and see the action from within the “cave” is a main action hub with room to explore in, on and all around.

Amelia’s Expedition – Designed for 5-12 year old users, this structure includes a series of smaller incremental inclines of 6” so EVERYONE can access the most exciting parts, the slides, one of which features the Slide Aside exit which helps to allow more time for a caretaker to assist a child while the slide remains active for other users. There are also musical elements and ground level activities around the structure along with a “secret” seating area beneath the 60” Hex Deck.

Arch Swings – One of most popular areas at any park is the swings. With a combination of toddler buckets, traditional belts, a harnessed Accessible seat and Unity Basket Swing, this feature aids in vestibular development and offers a full range for a group experience for users.

The unitary rubber surface or ‘Poured In Place’ allows seamless navigation throughout the playground spaces to help bring an ease to inclusion in this playground.

Getting There

Thompson Peak Park in Scottsdale is a huge park, and the playground is on the west side.  So if you don’t want to hike, follow the parking lot around and you can park directly next to the playground.

Thompson Peak Park

20199 N. 78th Pl

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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