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The Phoenix With Kids Summer Camps Guide for 2024

We’re excited to release our 3rd annual summer camp guide, serving the Metro Phoenix area, and raising awareness of other camps around Arizona.

Chris Tingom, Jana Tingom
The Phoenix With Kids Summer Camp Guide for 2024

Phoenix Summer Camps

Choose a summer camp category:

Phoenix Summer Camps

We’re here to help you find the perfect summer camp for your child this year! Our curated summer camps guide is organized by interest areas and includes summer camps we think are interesting and fun. This isn’t a list of every summer camp but is our picks and selections we think look interesting. Choose an interest:

Here are some things to consider when choosing a summer camp for your child:

  • does the summer camp fit your budget?
  • if you’re unsure where to start, ask friends for summer camp recommendations!
  • do you want to drive your child a distance or stay nearby?
  • what interests does your child have? Anything new they want to learn this summer?
  • read and consider reviews on Yelp, Google, and local parenting groups.
  • plan for variety! Sports camps may be fun for a few weeks, but try switching it up by trying an art class for a week!
  • also, check your city’s parks and rec programs for possible classes and summer camps.

contact us if you know of a great summer camp you’d like to suggest.

Best Phoenix Summer Camps

This year we split our summer camps guide into 10 separate camp categories. In a surprising twist more than 40 of our summer camps belong in the sports category, so look there if you are interested in basketball, summer camps, or soccer and baseball. The STEM category of summer camps continues to grow in popularity, With many summer camps about science, learning to code, and math. Are you looking for a specialized summer camp? Use our contact us form to get in touch and let us know what you were looking for, and will try to make a recommendation. Each summer camp is unique and offers a different schedule, so you’ll want to confirm hours and class expectations with the summer camps you were looking for.


Our guide is carefully crafted to include the summer camps we think our audience will most likely attend. We’ve written unique descriptions of each summer camp. Our guide is not a comprehensive list, but rather our picks and suggestions. To let us know about a summer camp, you can use this form or email us. Inclusion in our guide is not guaranteed and not all submissions will be included. Due to time, interest, and space constraints, we do not accept every opportunity presented to us. We do our best to accommodate and provide accurate and personalized descriptions of our experiences. All photos, artwork, or media used must be approved by Phoenix With Kids.  We reserve the right to refuse any ad, event, or post. Space contracted cannot be subletted to others. We shall for no reason be liable for more than the value of the actual space occupied by the item in which an error occurred. Likewise, we assume no liabilities for any omission or failure to publish an ad, event, or post. Follower counts and social reach numbers can change at any time.  


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