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The Rush Fun Park in Peoria

Jana Tingom

The Rush Fun Park in Peoria is the latest addition to the West Valley and offers play time for all ages. We had been there less than 15 minutes when our kids named it “the heaven of fun”! This is definitely an indoor place to add to your summer bucket list!

The Rush Fun Park offers eight different attractions within their park:

  • Rock climbing walls
  • 3 story playground with 9 slides
  • 6 and under play zone
  • Trampolines
  • Basketball and dodgeball
  • An obstacle course
  • Battle beam
  • Volcano climb and slide

If you’ve been to Uptown Jungle or Urban Air, then you’ll love Rush Fun Park. It’s almost a mesh of the two – and a huge climbing structure thrown in, like at Kids Empire! This is a place teenagers will love, and is perfect for families with a wide age range of children.

Check out our YouTube video here:

When you first enter you’ll see the epic playground in the center. There are multiple entrances and exits! Three levels of fun await kids (and yes, adults) to explore with various obstacles courses, tubes, ball blasters, slides, a ball pit, a two climbing towers and more. It’s almost like a maze! The kids loved exploring the ins and outs. The tunnels have a couple of fun lookout points too.

One of our favorite slides required a circular disc (like a sled). I can’t tell you the number of times the kids went down that one! Another favorite was the climbing/spider web towers; the bungee strips were tight and closer together, which the kids really appreciated. Made it easier for little legs!

Around the epic playground are numerous other enticing activities! Closest to the entrances are the climbing walls. Any age is welcome to get harnessed up and try any of the 17 food tall walls. We saw the cutest three year old being adventuresome along her daddy!

Next door is the battle beam and basketball courts, and the dodgeball trampolines. There were friendly employees facilitating games on occasion, especially on the battle beam. But it’s mostly a free play area! Same with the open jump area.

The Rush Extreme Park is amazing! Various obstacles await, from swings to a climbing net, all over a ball pit (which is just as fun as the obstacles). Also don’t miss the upstairs portion, with more tests of skill and strength.

Also still being developed is the parent lounge. But lots of comfy couches await in this area, and there are several scattered around the building. (There is also tables and chairs at the cafe, plus free WiFi.) Upstairs was a bouncy house of sorts, but it was not in service when we visited.

The 6 years and under play area is amazing! It is two story and has its own ball pit and slide, a mini obstacle course, and more. This is a great option for families with a wide range of kids; little ones can play safely here while the older ones enjoy the rest of the park.

Last but not least is the volcano climb and slide. The kids were so excited to see this because it’s their favorite feature at Uptown Jungle in Chandler! Even our 4 year old could easily scale the side – and laughed all the way down the slide.

The Rush Fun Park in Peoria is open 7 days a week, 9am-8pm. Admission is $17.99, Monday-Friday; the price is $19.99, Saturday and Sunday and holidays. Play time is purchased in 2 hour increments and includes grip socks. During school months, they offer a $12.99 admission price for ages 6 and under, Monday-Friday only. Check their website and social media for current deals! No outside food or drink allowed, except water bottles. There is a snack station selling candy, chips, soda, pizza and the like.

The Rush Fun Park
6817 W. Peoria Avenue
Peoria, AZ 85345



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