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Sunset Park in Wickenburg

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

We checked out the splash pad in Sunset Park in Wickenburg. This medium-sized splash pad was nice, however, I would not say it is worth a drive across town to visit by itself.

There are a few squirters for spraying and a few places where the water comes up from below. Cute little bunny and cactus.  There is no shade and nowhere to sit down inside the gate. There are a few benches outside the gate which I overlooked. I didn’t mind being off to the side and getting a little mist from the spray pad.

This gated splash pad is nice. However, don’t go just because you want a gate! I saw little kids climbing up to open it, and older siblings opening and running off. Not a self-closing gate and is not hard to open. It was open more than closed while we were here.


This wood chip playground could use a little attention. The big kid’s playground was missing a sun shade. Nothing spectacular to climb on Just the basics. There are swings off to the side. Definitely too far to see the splash pad.

The toddler playground had one of the slides you can roll down, which is fun!


Shaded ramadas are located between the playground and the splash pad. Perfect for a party at the splash pad or playground!


Sunset Park in Wickenburg has 4 baseball fields, basketball courts, Batting Cages, Pickleball Courts, sand volleyball, tennis courts, playgrounds, a splash pad, ramadas, and a walking path.

Getting There

The splash pad and playground are all the way in the back, follow the road around past fields to get to them.

Sunset Park

3020 W Wickenburg Way

Wickenburg, AZ 85390


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