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Stratum Laser Tag

Mark Keller

It’s high-tech combat fun without the mess and welts of paintball and the added perk of printed scoresheets at the end of the game. Stratum Laser Tag is Mesa’s home for infra-red shootouts with the whole family. No running is allowed, which levels the playing field—whether you’re a grandparent or a kid just old enough to be able to wear the laser vest, you’ve got an equal shot at glory.

The 13,000 square foot arena features almost a hundred towers, bridges and ramps, with levels ranging from just off the floor to 20 feet up. It’s got the classic low-light laser tag aesthetic, with strobes, blacklights and an intense sound system. The walls are covered in murals that combine the visual styles of classic sci-fi painting and street art, a colorful amalgam of lighting bolts, galaxies and alien beings. Thrown into this exciting space are you, your kids, and dozens of other players up to a cap of 60, resulting in non-stop action.

Stratum especially caters toward group events, from birthdays to bar mitzvahs—they’ll supply the cake and the pizza, and the kid-of-honor gets a rapid-fire green laser. Adjoining the arena space you’ll find a little sci-fi-themed diner and a brand-new arcade filled with a broad array of games.

Laser tag can become a bit pricey, especially if you and your kids want to play multiple games (and you probably will, since each game lasts only about 20 minutes). Fortunately, Stratum has a number of printable coupons that can get you some great deals, and on certain days of the week you can get an unlimited number of games within a given timeframe, allowing you to play over and over again.

You can get two games at Stratum Laser Tag included with a Pogo Pass, along with admission to many other venues (use the promo code AZPLACES at checkout to get 60% off!).

Getting There

Stratum Laser Tag
1455 S. Stapley Drive #11
Mesa, AZ 85204


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