Sonrisa Park in Phoenix

Sonrisa Park in Phoenix is on the edge of the Phoenix/Scottsdale border, just west of 56th Street and Sweetwater. (It’s technically classified as a Phoenix park, even though the address is Scottsdale. Part of that magic zip code!)

This park has a woodchip playground for little kids and big kids, swings, workout equipment and large green fields for playing. Both of my two year olds had no trouble climbing to the top of the big kids playground. A fun part of Sonrisa Park is a fun climbing structure next to the playground. It gives kids a twist on normal climbing with its funky, fun shape.

There is a covered ramada located directly next to the playground. This is the only covered seating. There are a couple benches around the playground area as well. There is no parking at Sonrisa Park in Phoenix; you can just park in the street and access the park.

The workout equipment makes this park unique. You can use your own weight to get a little workout in as well! There is a water fountain but no restrooms at this location.

Sonrisa Park
12812 N 52nd Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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