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Sonoran Hills Park in Scottsdale

Sonoran Hills Park in Scottsdale has sports, playgrounds, water, and lots to do. We explored around so much that we barely even played on the playground!

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Sonoran Hills Park in Scottsdale has sports, playgrounds, water, and lots to do. We explored around so much that we barely even played on the playground!


This playground is amazing.  First, there are two large play structures, one for little kids and one for bigger kids. Second, there are two sets of swings, yes two! One by the littles playground and one by the big kid’s playground. The shaded sand little playground has tic tac toe, slide, climbing ropes, slide, and alphabet panel.

The big kid playground has a curly Q slide, slide, stairs, climbing bars, fire station style pole, two tic tac toe games, alphabet, and calculator. It is sand and covered by a large shade structure. It’s a little older style, and nothing fancy, but a very nice area for kids about 2 and up to play here as well.

I personally love the addition of the alphabet and numbers on the playground. It is a great way to expose young kids to the alphabet and numbers, an easy way to add in some education and fun seeing the kids make their own game out of it.

There is desert landscaping between the two playgrounds, making it open and visible if you have kids who like to roam. Not completely open, but I wasn’t as nervous about my kids wanting to be in different areas. It helped there wasn’t anyone else around at the time.


One large ramada is located by the baseball fields and little kids playground. There is a small ramada near the open field which would be great for reserving if you wanted to have bounce houses or a fun game in the grass, it is a ways away from the actual playground (see map below)


Sonoran Hills Park in Scottsdale is a 10-acre park that has reservable baseball fields, two drop-in ramadas (one large and one small), lighted tennis courts, lighted basketball courts, a large open turf area, picnic areas, 5 station exercise course, a walking path, playground, and restrooms. The park’s amenities are first come first serve. If you are planning on having a catered event, inflatables, or any specialty item they ask that you call the facility in advance to verify the company’s insurance information.

Books 2 Go

The City of Scottsdale has a lending library called Books 2 Go. This park has a little library which made my children very happy. We love to bring books and pick new ones.

Safety Note about the park: One thing I wanted to point out, is that while this park is not fenced in, it does have a fence. There is also a lot of desert between the playground areas and the road. My kids know not to run off into “desert” areas for fear of cactus getting them. I took some pictures. This made me feel better, but I can see how it might not make all parent more secure.

Getting There

There is a parking lot along Williams Drive with plenty of parking. It is the best place to park for the playground. This parking lot leads to the adjacent school parking lot and due to bad timing and oblivious people waiting in the pickup line, we were literally stuck in our spot for over 10 minutes trying to get out of our parking spot. I would not recommend leaving at school release time.

Sonoran Hills Park

7625 E. Williams Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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