Sonora Town Playground in Gilbert

Sonora Town playground in Gilbert is a wood chip park on the southwest corner of Warner Road and Gilbert Road. It is hard to spot from the main road! Driving by I saw a fire truck and turned around so we could see it.

Just like my kids, I can spot a fire truck anywhere. So glad we turned around to explore. My kids were saying “Is THIS a playground?” and “Can we go play in there?” Followed by “Fire truck, fire truck, fire truck” as they made a bee line to drive it.


This wood chip park was made possible by Home Depot and the community of Gilbert. There is a zip line, rock wall, slide, bridge, tire swing, ride ons and best of all, a fire truck. What kid wouldn’t love to play on a firetruck? The play equipment is new and colorful!

While the park has a fence around it, it is not complete. There is easy access to a canal and major street. So keep an eye on your kiddos, especially littles ones that may enjoy darting away.


There is one bench in the park where you can sit down. There aren’t really any good spots for snacks or sitting down for a picnic. If you brought a picnic blanket, you could set it up on the wood chips for a picnic.

Getting There

This park is on the southwest corner of Warner and Gilbert, turn south onto 135th Ave. There is a small space for 2 or 3 cars to park in front of the white fence.

Sonora Town Playground
833 S. 135th Place
Gilbert, AZ 85233

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