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Social Distance and Home Party Ideas

Social distance is all the rage right now, and with it comes the question of how to have home birthday parties. Here are a few ideas to help you make this the best birthday party ever! We've included some local (Phoenix) options as well.

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Social distance is all the rage right now, and with it comes the question of how to have home birthday parties. Here are a few ideas to help you make this the best birthday party ever! We’ve included some local (Phoenix) options as well.

Have a virtual party with friends. Coordinate a video party with some of your child’s friends. Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger Kids all have video calls. Coordinate it all ahead of time with the parents of the other kids to help it go smoothly.

Does your child have a favorite princess?  How about a personalized birthday message? Wish Entertainment has princesses to wish your child a happy birthday. If your child wants to learn how to act like a princess or prince, these princesses can teach them! Do you have a special tradition that the princes can mention or special way of singing happy birthday? It can happen! Speak with Wish Entertainment ahead of time and request anything special you want for your child.

Shop with your local toy store through Facetime. Kid Stop Toys will let you call in for a video call.  Let your kids pick out their own presents and they can have it ready for you to pick up curbside. They offer everything from Legos to books to games to outdoor activities and MORE!

Pick up crafts from your favorite local art or craft store for a day of crafts.

  • Rachel’s Young Art Studio has a weekly “crafternoon” box you can pick up. The theme changes each week. Click here for more information.
  • Casita Currated Play offers all kinds of amazing sensory play as well as pick up and free delivery if you live within 5 miles of her location in central Phoenix.
  • Masterpiece Momma provides with mess without the stress. Order a new sensory bin box and watch them enjoy hours of fun.

When I think of birthdays I think of food, like a family birthday dinner to the birthday cake itself. This year, do it a little different. Pick up a to go order from your favorite local restaurant. Maybe have a picnic in the grass at a local park or set one up in the backyard.

Bake your own cake! Depending on your child’s level of kitchen skills they may need your help with it all or just supervise the project. Pull out all of the random cookie, cupcake and cake decorations. No need to stick to a theme if they don’t want to. Practice letters or numbers by using cookie cutters.

If you don’t have balloons is it even your birthday? Sneak in and fill your child’s room with balloons for them to wake up to. Blow up and tie together balloons in the number of the age your child is turning. Make a clock out of balloons and pop one every hour. Have large number balloons delivered to your house and put them up on their birthday.

Send flowers with a card to the birthday kid. How special do you feel when you get flowers delivered to you? Contact your local florist and have them drop off some flowers.

Is your kid an avid reader? Reach out to Enchanted Chapters and plan a curbside pick up of books from their favorite author or start a new series of books.

What about a Scavenger Hunt for presents? Make them hunt for those presents!

Birthday Interviews. Make a questionnaire for your birthday kid to answer. Start the tradition this year and keep it up each year.

Do your kids have friends with birthdays coming up? Gather up those art supplies and hand make cards, banners, pictures and more. Put it all in a large envelope and snail mail it to the birthday kid.

Visit our Pinterest Board for ideas, pictures and inspiration.

Plan ahead like you would for any party. Delivery times may be a little longer than normal. Pickup times may vary. Give yourself some grace and don’t stress. Just like any party, don’t stress. Your kids will remember the laughs, treats and fun they had! Leave a comment if you have ideas for a social distance home party ideas!

*Also remember that things are changing day to day so double check with local businesses often.


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  1. I love your idea to send a card with flowers to the birthday kid so that they know you are thinking about them. My sister wants to plan a small get together for her daughter’s birthday this month. I think it’s a good idea to keep the gathering small, but still, have some fun activities for people to do.

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