Signal Butte Park in Mesa

The newest addition to the Mesa park line up is Signal Butte Park. It’s a geometric playground offering three dimensional play and absolutely unique to the Phoenix area! The kids quickly dubbed it the spaceship park, and you can see why the name fits: it’s like a space dock you’d find from Star Trek.

This park offers three separate playgrounds, all encouraging coordination and agility. The first two are smaller, recommended for ages 5 and under, and the third structure towers above and recommended for ages 5-12. That said, our kids loved one of the smaller playgrounds just as much as the larger one; it had an intricate mixture of ropes, slides, balancing strips and so much more! Toddlers will likely prefer the less complex and smaller playground.

The large “spaceship” like climbing structure is fabulous. There are two entrances, with a short ladder to climb, and then two tunnels leading towards the top, where a huge slide is the exit. Don’t worry: the tunnels are fully enclosed while still allowing light and air in.

The only worry might be the slide, which is oddly made of metal. (The end of the slide is plastic.) Since this park is not shaded, it will be interesting to see how the metal slides heats up in the coming months. The slide is FAST and fun.

Other play options at this park are swings, with a special two person swing option, a standing spinner, and a button controlled mister. (You can find the mister in the odd orb like creation by the ramada – please comment if you know what to call this!) While a fun addition, it’s also made of metal, so be careful during the warm months.

We absolutely loved this new park and quickly added it to our Top 10 favorites in Phoenix! That said, it will be interesting to see if we still like it once our youngest is walking and more adventuresome. This park will definitely appeal to school age children (and adults).

Signal Butte Park in Mesa has a huge ramada with picnic tables, a restroom, and paths to walk or ride scooters/bikes around the playground, as well as around the park. The loop is 1.5 miles. There is a water treatment plant next door, but there is no lingering smells and the building looks normal. Benches are scattered around, with only a handful are close to the playground.

Signal Butte Park
11132 E Elliot Rd
Mesa, AZ 85212

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Jana is a homeschooling mother of three children, and lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Chris. She enjoys traveling, reading and coffee. Follow @phoenixwithkids on Instagram for daily photos around Phoenix!

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