Scottsdale Sports Complex

Scottsdale Sports Complex in Scottsdale is a park that has been a favorite of our for years. We can climb on the playground or go off around the whole park to explore and play. There is often teams playing sports to watch and enjoy. We also enjoy walking along the trails, crossing over the bridge and watching cars and many more activities. I can’t tell you how many times we have come here and ended up staying till the sun goes down.


This wood chip playground has a little of everything. There are slides, including the curly q slide, monkey bars, rock walls with large rocks for climbing. There is even a water spout in the playground for getting wet and cooling off.

One thing I enjoyed about this playground when the kids were young, was that the toddler playground was separate from the big kids playground. A nice feature if you don’t want big kids getting too close to new climbers.


There are picnic tables located between the big kid and toddler playground. They are not shaded, but there is early morning and late afternoon shade.

Picnic tables overlooking the fields are also available. They are open on a first come first serve basis. Note, they can be reserved if there is a sporting event taking place. May want to check the calendar of events before planning on using them.


This large park includes fields, playgrounds, hiking and biking paths, lots of grass for spreading out to explore and play and restrooms on both sides of the park. If you are planning on having a catered event, inflatables or any specialty item they ask that you call the facility in advance to verify the company’s insurance information.


Scottsdale Sports Complex in Scottsdale is a 71-acre facility designed to be a state of the art competitive sport field complex offering tournament level playing conditions. The complex is a public recreation destination, attracting national and regional tournament play and providing a quality facility for a variety of sporting activities. The facility accommodates a variety of flat field sports such as soccer, lacrosse, football, and rugby.

All info on the fields and reserving space available here.

Getting There

This is a large park with plenty of parking. If you are visiting the playground, you probably want to park on the north side of the Princess Dr parking lot. If you are attending a sports event, go to the South parking lot of Princess Dr.

Scottsdale Sports Complex
8081 E. Princess Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 8525

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