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Scottsdale Civic Center Park

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

The new Scottsdale Civic Center park is perfect for local event, casual strolls, cooling off in the splash pad, or playing on the playground. Relax in the historic heart of Scottsdale!

Splash Pad

This area is called the water and fog plaza. The secret to turning it on? Placing your hand on the top of the bar for a few seconds.

This is simple fountain style water feature. It rotates through the cycle. There is fog coming out by the plants as well. The City originally had no plans to shade this area; however the feedback from locals wanting more shade, they are now looking into it.

There is a little shade in the late afternoon with plenty of seating for adults to hang out. Easy access to the bathrooms for changing kids in and out of wet clothes if needed,


This unique playground is located right outside the kids area at the Scottsdale library. Such a great way for littles to go burn some energy all year long.

There are multiple slides, bench style swings, a circular spinning seat, a spider style web feature to climb on. A few sensory spinners and it is all on top of rubber and grass making it a more inclusive style playground.

Despite it being hot, my kids loved this climbing feature and despite the heat the day we visited, wanted to keep playing.


This new 360 amphitheater will bring back the ability to hold concerts in the park. The state of the art sound offers amazing sound around the entire stage. With lots of open seating and standing room, there will be lots of fun events here in the future.


Scottsdale Civic Center Park has open concept rest rooms, a 360 stage with surrounding lawns, and lots of seating. It is connected to stores in downtown Scottsdale, pieces of the Scottsdale Public Art collection, a Children’s Gardens, a Water and Fog Plaza, City Hall Lagoons and the East Bowl.

Getting There

We like parking by the Scottsdale Library because there is shade. 

Scottsdale Civic Center Park

3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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