The Rush Fun Park in Phoenix

The Rush Fun Park in Phoenix is possibly one of the best indoor play places for kids! The Phoenix location opened in mid-June 2020, boasting a three story play area, trampolines, climbing walls and more. They also have a location in Peoria, which we love. We were happy to find the new Phoenix location just as fun!

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So the feature at Rush that you can’t miss is the epic play ground in the center. And let’s emphasize epic to the max! It’s a maze to discover all the fun things to do! Each of the three levels has various activities, like ball shooters, merry go rounds, tunnels, slides, ball pits, obstacle course items – and we’ll stop there because you’ll just have to visit to discover the rest. Our eight and five year old spent most of their time here! Adults can climb around with their kiddos; they may find a few tight spots but it’s totally doable. Watch little ones that may want to explore; there are multiple entrances and exits and it’s very difficult to keep an eye on them.

Thankfully, Rush has a fabulous 6 and under gated area! Smaller trampolines and a ball pit with slides are easily accessible, as well as climbing structures. A second level to explore offers a larger side, a soccer and basketball area, and a ball shooter! Our 16 month old was in heaven. She didn’t even miss her older siblings, she was having so much fun on her own.

Rush Fun Park includes so much more than the three story play area and the Lil’ Kids space! Our oldest loves climbing walls and there are eight different walls to scale here, of various difficulty. Next door you’ll find a foam pit, basketball, and trampolines for free jump. The dodgeball court is also on this side, for free play and organizer games by employees. Listen for any announcements made to join a game.

Two other key activities at Rush is the obstacle course and Wipeout. The obstacle course could be classified as a ninja course, as there are three different sections to test agility and skill. But don’t worry – a ball pit below will break your fall and honestly, our kids may have fallen just to enjoy that! All ages will love this, and the wipeout area. Jump high or duck low to avoid getting knocked off your feet in this fun game. It is employee run, and up to seven people can join each round.

Rush Fun Park is truly a place the whole family can enjoy together. We’re so excited for this new location! Be sure to follow their social media channels, as they often offer family deals, toddler specials, and more each week.

The Rush Fun Park in Phoenix is open 7 days a week, from 9am-9pm. Pricing is $13.95/person Monday-Friday for 2hrs of play, and $15.95/person Saturday-Sunday for 2hrs of play. Parents are just $7/person to join their kiddos! Rush grip socks are required and are $2.50/pair. (If you bring in a pair to exchange from another trampoline park, they will give you a $1 discount.) Restrooms are located by the Lil’ Kid Zone, and there is a changing table in the family room. Rush also has a small cafe with seating, offering snacks and drinks.

The Rush Fun Park
3855 E Thomas Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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