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Best Hiking Spots for Kids: Accidental influencers curate kid-friendly activities for local families and visitors

March 22, 2024 – Phoenix, Ariz. What started as a list of recommendations for out-of-town friends more than a decade ago has spiraled out of control into a full-blown multimedia experience.

Married with three kids, Jana and Chris Tingom of North Scottsdale now have 50,000 followers on their Instagram page @phoenixwithkids and a list of 400+ kid-friendly places to visit in Phoenix and around Arizona on their Website.

The couple laughs about the moment they became “accidental influencers.” When they first started writing and posting in 2013, they didn’t intend to become influencers.

Their blog and social media posts have become a thoughtful, well-organized resource for parents, caregivers, families, and visitors searching for things to do.

From parks to museums to best hiking spots, Phoenix With Kids covers it all with real reviews on age-appropriate activities. After all, the Tingoms like to find activities that can entertain, enrich, and teach their homeschooled children who are 5, 9, and 12 years old.

As some school districts wrap up Spring Break with the Easter Holiday, here’s a list of the best hiking spots for kids so the whole family can get out before it gets too hot:

  • Judith Tunnel Trail– 1.2 miles, easy (paved), start at nature center
  • Dreamy Draw Short Loop– 2 miles rt, moderate
  • Fat Man’s Pass via Mormon Trail– 3.7 miles rt, moderate
  • Holbert Trail to Dobbins Lookout – 4.2 miles rt, moderate
  • North Mountain National Trail – 1.7 miles rt, partly paved/moderate
  • North Mountain Trail 100 – 10 miles (we’ve done 2 miles in/out), easy to moderate, start at North Mountain Visitor Center
  • Lookout Mountain Trail via Trail 308 – 2.8 miles rt, moderate, start at playground
  • Deem Hills Circumference Trail– 5.6 miles rt (we’ve done 3 miles in/out), moderate, start at playground

The Tingoms now have help from contributors that allow them to cover more things across the state.

The information is curated to the parent of young kids who want to know specific amenities. Is there a bathroom with a changing table? Is there shade? Easy parking? A stroller-friendly path?

There’s still time to catch a Spring Training game and if you and your family are first-time ball park goers, Phoenix With Kids has tips and go-to guide for you: Spring Training in Phoenix With Kids.

Some of their most popular content includes day trip ideas from Phoenix, summer camp guide, and an events calendar. They also have an exclusive parks map promoted as the “only map of this kind online.” It’s a perfect guide for those bored of their neighborhood park and want to explore elsewhere. No more individually scouring city or county websites for information. You can find everything you’re looking for in one place.

For Jana, who does a majority of the writing and gathering video – consistency is key. She tries to post something every other day.

Chris is a professional website developer.

The couple didn’t find a curated place on the Internet for things to do with kids in Phoenix, so they created it and had no idea it would grow into something so big.

As “accidental influencers,” they disclose when something they’re reviewing was offered to them for free. However, they still pay for many activities themselves.


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