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Introducing Safety 1st Pool Fence: A Pool Fence Company in Phoenix

Phoenix pool fence installation by Safety 1st Pool Fence. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they specialize in installing pool safety fences that offer both security and style.

Chris Tingom
Pool Fence Chandler

Safety 1st Pool FenceWe want to introduce you to a company called Safety 1st Pool Fence. They install pool safety fences all over Phoenix. If you’re in Phoenix and looking to install a pool fence, give them a call!

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One of their pool fence installations in Scottsdale
One of their pool fence installations in Scottsdale

Why we installed a pool fence

A quick story… a few years ago, when our daughter was learning to walk, we had a pool net. But, sometimes we’d leave it off overnight after swimming. It always made us anxious that the only barrier between our pool and our daughter’s safety was a locked patio door. 

And our door was particularly easy to unlock! A bike lock on our patio doors was our way to keep the door shut. But we forgot a few times. Then we got one of those door braces, but our daughter figured out how to move it. 

Twice the “see through” visibility as other types of mesh
Twice the “see through” visibility as other types of mesh

Thankfully, that’s when we got a pool fence. We didn’t want to take a chance on someone leaving the door unlocked. It was a good decision! 

We’ve never had a close call, but the pool fence purchase is a decision I would make again. It has given us peace of mind and has kept our children safe. And the good news is they’re not as expensive as you would expect and can be installed quickly!

A Phoenix pool fence installation company

If you need a pool fence installed in the Phoenix area, check out Safety 1st Pool Fence. They’re a locally owned and operated company that distributes Pool Guard products. They’ve been around for 25 years and manufacture everything in Florida. 

Safety 1st Pool Fence of Phoenix provides pool safety fences, nets, and covers. They serve the whole valley, too! Including Scottsdale, Chandler and the West Valley. 

Why we think a pool fence is important: 

  1. Safety: To prevent accidents, especially involving kids (also pets)
  2. Some cities require pool fences: Many cities in the metro area have regulations requiring pool fences. 
  3. Liability: Without a pool fence, you could be liable for accidents or injuries.

What makes this pool fence different?

Something we like about their pool fence is that they have a larger gap on their mesh fabric pattern, which is different than we’ve seen from other companies. That means your pool fence is more transparent and lets more light through. It will also blend into the yard better. 

Color options
Color options

Plus, they offer multiple colors for the mesh and the liner. You can get beige, white, black, blue, and bronze. It works for any aesthetic you have for your yard. We like the black!

A recent installation they did in the beige color
A recent installation they did in the beige color

Check out these photos to see for yourself! 


  • Rip-resistant, mildew-resistant, fade, heat, and shrinkage-resistant mesh
  • ASTM Certified 
  • Built-in UV inhibitors
  • Mesh is double woven and offers twice the visibility as other types of mesh
  • Removable reinforced fence pole in either 4’ or 5’ heights
Fences can be 4’ or 5’ tall
Fences can be 4’ or 5’ tall

Phoenix Pool fence installation

Their pool fences are designed to be durable and reliable, and aesthetically they look great! 

Installing the pool fence is a straightforward process. They can typically do the installation in a couple of hours. They ensure the fence is installed securely, with no gaps or weaknesses that could compromise its effectiveness, and they can install it on an existing pool deck or lawn. 

A pool fence gives us peace of mind, and if you don’t have one for your swimming pool we highly recommend getting one installed! 

Example of black mesh fence
Example of black mesh fence

Give them a call

You can contact Safety 1st Pool Fence at (480) 253-9864 or message them on Instagram at @safety1stpoolfence. You can also email They’re locally owned and operated so you’ll be dealing with a local business. 

There are numerous photo examples on their Facebook page.

Safety 1st Pool Fence
Phone: (480) 253-9864
Facebook: @safety1stpoolfence
Instagram: @safety1stpoolfence


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