Papago Park Playground in Phoenix

Papago Park Playground in Phoenix is part of the popular Papago Park with Hole in the Rock.  You can access the trails, as well as the LoPiano Bosque Habitat. The playground is on the east portion of the park. 

Did you ever have a playground spot that you hung out as a teenager? A place to play, sneak away from parents, and just hang out with friends? Papago Park was mine. I can admit that now! It’s changed a lot, they added lots of additional playground equipment, dog park, and benches. Playground

This sand playground has zero shade, except ramadas, and expands from a small toddler-size climbing structure into the big kids structure all in one. There were so many slides here I lost count. This was our first time in tunnel slides since the kids were old enough to go down along, one kid loved, one did not. There’s a fun climbing rope tree, swinging tower to swing around.






There are separate areas with excavators and an area with a few toddler-size extras like cars and swings.





This circle area right here is the perfect spot to add a splash pad to keep us cool while playing, don’t you think?? Hint, hint City of Tempe.


There are several shaded ramadas and lots of picnic tables scattered throughout the park.


Getting There

There is a large parking lot right off College Ave, just north of Cury Rd.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and water when you visit!

Papago Park in Tempe

1000 N College Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85281

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