Music Together in Phoenix


by Jana Tingom

We recently tried a free class with Music Together, a company that is passionate about giving a musical experience to children of all ages. With songs and instruments and movement, weekly music classes becomes a part of everyday life and loved even by parents.

I took the kids to a mixed class, for ages 6 months to 5 years, at the Shea location. Miss Lauren greeted us and was a cheerful, fun loving teacher even with our shy children. There were 8 others and their caregivers in the group, spanning all ages. I really liked the diversity; my 18 month old was watching the 3 and 4 year olds and mimicking them with the instruments.

music-together-classSpeaking of which, this part was definitely the most enjoyed by my kids! A box of instruments, ranging from tambourines to drums to rhythm stick were available for everyone, as a song played in the background. Even adults were smiling and catching the vibe.

As a parent, I appreciated the mix of instruction and freedom in the 45 minute music time. We learned how to make our voices high and low, complete with hand motions, and followed a beat pattern, and also had a chance to free dance. The songs were clean and cute, all about animals and every day activities that were familiar to my kids.

We really enjoyed the class, and hope to sign up for a full session of 12 weeks next year. There are 9 locations around the Valley, and a sample class is free! Just go to their website and find a class and time that works for you.

music-togetherMusic Together
Phone: 602-363-8202

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