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Little Free Library in Phoenix

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Little Free Library in Phoenix. With the motto “Take a book, Share a book,” there are more than 100,000 Free Little Libraries in 108 countries. Arizona has been no exception to this global book-sharing movement. There are 1085 Little Free Libraries registered in all corners of the state, and the numbers continue to rise.

We have visited dozens over the years. Luckily there are some excellent “little libraries” nearby with a great selection of kids books. We have a handful that we stop by on a regular basis to check.

In 2023 we participated in building a Little Free Library with our Moms of Multiples group to honor one of our own who died too young.

The library is located at 8405 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021 and can always use filling up.

While we are out and about, we often will pull up the app and look for a Little Free Library near us. We take books we have outgrown, did not love, or are done reading to donate to these libraries. I often grab books from the library that are being sold, or at consignment stores to fill these Little Free Library.

Keep an eye out in your neighborhood, or download the app here!

Little Free Library in Phoenix

Companies or individuals who want to support this book-sharing movement can work with Southwest Human Development and purchase a LFL Library kit for $600 that comes with the materials to build the structure. LFL’s can also be built with recycled materials. To find a LFL in your neighborhood or anywhere in Arizona, click here.

Fact, a child who comes from a home with just 25 books will, on average, complete two more years of school than a child from a home without books!

Little Free Library

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