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Lily’s Pad in Tempe, a Play Space for Immunocompromised Children

Newly opened is Lily's Pad in Tempe, a play space for immunocompromised children and their families !

Jana Tingom

Newly opened is Lily’s Pad in Tempe, a play space for immunocompromised children and their families !

This indoor play space has a playground, music area, bouncy house, familiar books and building toys, and more. The climbable firetruck was also a huge hit with our 4 year old. There is something for babies, toddlers, even elementary age kids (mini basketball anyone?) All the toys and activities are in one open room with the playground in the middle. There’s also a good variety between creative play options and toys that encourage activity.

The real beauty? This hyper clean play room will only be available for immunocompromised children and those children considered vulnerable to illness due to a medical condition. Immediate family is welcome to play too! A Doctor’s note will be required, and play time will be by reservation. Toys are cleaned or rotated out after each session, and a high tech air filtration system is running constantly. You can learn more about this process, and how to apply for a play session on their website.

There’s a side room with a kitchenette and eating area, a full window wall so parents and caregivers can see children at all times.

Lily’s Pad is the first of it’s kind in Phoenix, and in Arizona that we are aware of. Immunocompromised children aren’t able to visit the normal play spaces that other children might enjoy, and even outdoor playgrounds can be dangerous. The goal of Lily’s Pad is to restore the joy of childhood and give children and caregivers a chance to connect with others in the same boat.

Learn more about Lily’s Pad in Tempe on their website and help us spread the word about this unique play spot!

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