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Learn to sail at Tempe Town Lake

Chris and Jana Tingom

Have your kids ever wanted to learn to sail? If so, you may be interested in the sailing classes offered by the Arizona Sailing Foundation.


The ASF is a non-profit foundation that offers sailing classes. They’ve been teaching sailing for years, and have a pretty big fleet of boats at Tempe Town Lake.

Classes are primarily held at Tempe Town Lake, in Tempe, AZ. But they are also offering some classes at Lake Pleasant, in Peoria, AZ.


Classes are available for all ages, but the listed age groups are:

  • Opti 101 and 102 class: Kids ages 8 to 12 with a class size of ten students.
  • High School class: For junior high, and senior high students.
  • Adult sailing: The ASF also offers sailing classes for adults at Tempe Town Lake and at Lake Pleasant.

Classes fill up fast, and new seasons begin two times a year. Classes typically consist of a little bit of in classroom training followed by lots of time on the water. The time on the water is both educational and sport. The students conduct a series of races around buoy that have been placed on the lake.


Each year, the students conduct a high school championship race and the best sailors earn trophies depending on their placement in the races.

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