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Lake Marguerite is a good lake for kids in Scottsdale

Chris and Jana Tingom

It was a recent Saturday morning and we said “let’s go and get breakfast!” This usually happens when we run out of eggs at home. You would never believe how fast our family goes through eggs! We’re a 3-person family (two adults + Emily, our two year old) and we go through the two-dozen egg carton from Costco in about a week and a half. It amazes me every time!

Breakfast or coffee options in Scottsdale

So before we knew it, we were in the car and Village Coffee had been chosen as our destination. Before we knew it, we were seated and awaiting our food. They have an amazing coffee bar, lots of great breakfast and lunch options (panini’s, sandwiches, pastries, and egg dishes).

After breakfast and coffee, we decided a walk was in order, and headed over to the bike path just up the street which is next to Marguerite Lake. I’m fairly certain it’s part of the Hayden greenbelt and is very popular with bicyclists and joggers.

The bike path is even closer to Altitude Coffee Lab. They also have terrific breakfast options, and good coffee. So you literally have two choices right next to each other. Both venues often have a lot of great outdoor seating, as well as indoor seating. We’re a fan of both places.

The bike path and lake

Ok, so the whole point of this post was to share this excellent little bike path and lake. Granted, this is not the biggest lake in the world, but it does have a boat ramp, and we noticed several people fishing along the shore. The park is also quite nice and bigger than it looks at first. You can walk all the way around the lake, but most people stick to the bike path which continues past the park.


While we were walking we saw lots of ducks and geese, and we saw lots of people riding bikes.

We even stopped for a minute to throw rocks into the lake! Our daughter loved this, way more than we expected.


The ducks were really friendly, and there are signs suggesting that you shouldn’t feed them. They’ll swarm to anybody that tries to feed them. The lake is surrounded by super tall cottonwood trees (among others) and while we were there, a really great breeze was blowing through the trees.


Here’s a photo we took of our family using the iPhone. We had fun throwing rocks into the lake, and playing along the banks of the lake.


Our daughter Emily, enjoying the spring weather.


A view of the lake from the south end of the park. The bike path is visible to the right side . As you can see, the lake is surrounded on all sides by residential properties, except where Altitude Coffee Lab and a few other restaurants are located.

Getting there

To get there, you’ll want to put one of these coffee shops into your GPS and then walk to the park. The lake is closest to Altitude Coffee Lab, so that might be your best choice.
Village Coffee Roastery
8120 N Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 905-0881

Altitude Coffee Lab
8320 N Hayden Rd
Ste E107
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 878-5611


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