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LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique in Tempe

LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique in Tempe offers visitors young and old the chance to play and cuddle with furry felines in a relaxed atmosphere. There are around 15 cats roaming the cafe, and they are all adoptable, except the mascot, Charlie Chaplin.

The lounge area isn’t large, but it’s a nice size with plenty of seating, from couches to chairs. The walls are a bright pink and stunning black, very picturesque. There’s also coloring books, games, and puzzles included – all cat themed of course! Cat cuddling is encouraged, if said cat allows.

The cats roam and sleep where they will, so always watch your step. Climbing structures is usually where you’ll find them sleeping. Cat toys are always available to lure them out of hiding for play time. We caught the interest of one cutie, and our daughter spent almost 15 minutes darting a toy around for her to catch.

There’s some unique cat themed artwork on the walls, along with a bulletin board of photos with adopted cats and their new owners. LaGattara has found homes for over 500 felines! That’s impressive, to say the least.

We had a fun time visiting the cats, even if they were sleepy during afternoon siesta time. But on that note, we also felt like the lounge could use a good cleaning and airing. There were no smells, cat or otherwise. Just a dusty feeling, on the furniture and in the air. Also, within a half hour of arriving, our daughter broke out in a rash. She has been around cats before, so we can only attribute the reaction to the concentrated amount of cat hair and whatnot. This would not have happened if the cafe was cleaned. This may or may not affect your visit.

LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique in Tempe is open Wedneday to Sunday, 12pm-8pm. Visiting with the cats is $10/hour. Free wifi is included. Drinks are allowed. At the entrance you’ll find a small collection of drinks, and cat related items for purchase. Children are welcome, but use discretion if your child is able to keep their voice peaceful, and can treat the cats with respect.

Note that lounge hours are subject to event schedules; reservations are highly recommended. They also offer classes, like Caturday Yoga With Cats, and host birthday parties and events.

LaGattara Cat Lounge and Boutique
1301 E University Drive #136
Tempe, AZ 85281

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Jana is a homeschooling mother of three children, and lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Chris. She enjoys traveling, reading and coffee. Follow @phoenixwithkids on Instagram for daily photos around Phoenix!

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