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Kiwanis Park Splashpad in Tempe

Jana Tingom

Kiwanis Park in Tempe recently added a fabulous splashpad to their grounds and it’s one of the best in Phoenix!

The city did an excellent job combining favorites, like the half circle spray tunnel, and adding new features like the umbrella fountain. This splashpad will delight and entertain both toddlers and older children.

There are two highlights to this splashpad. The first is a shade structure which covers nearly all the fountains. Not only does this make it cooler for children, but parents too will enjoy being shielded from the sun. Not many splashpads in the Valley have this feature and we think it needs to be adapted by more cities!

The other highlight is the thunderstorm sequence. Every 10 minutes or so the familiar water fountains turn off and thunder sounds from speakers above, complete with rain falling from this upper water features. This is unique and fun (especially for Arizona natives who love a good thunderstorm). Keep in mind, however, that this feature could (and did) frighten some children. Our three year old was ok with it, but definitely preferred to stay on the outer edges during the storm. Our 6 year old, however, loved it and danced all through the showers and mists!

There is a covered playground near this splashpad, as well as restrooms closer to the lake. The parking lot can get full quickly on the weekends. Hours are 8am-10pm, with the splashpad in operation April-September.

Bring snacks or lunch, a lawn chair or two, and let the kids enjoy this new community addition all summer long!

Kiwanis Park Splashpad is located in the north section of the park, just west of the Mill and Baseline intersections in Tempe (5233 S Ash Avenue).

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