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Kindergym at Arizona Sunrays

Mark Keller

It’s never too early to start doing gymnastics! Learning gymnastic skills at a very young age will give your child an edge once they reach competition levels—and even if that’s not the goal, tumbling is a fun and healthy workout that gets your little ones moving. Arizona Sunrays recognizes this, which is why they offer their special age-tiered Kindergym program for babies, toddlers, and young children.

The classes for the youngest gymnasts are all about fun, safety and learning new skills in a low-pressure environment. Small class size, age-specific teachers and parental involvement all work together to make it as positive an experience as possible. The Kindergym classes take place in their own gymnasium with equipment sized specifically for smaller children, adjacent to two parent lobbies with a full view of the gym area. The main gym is sometimes used, too, for special activities involving the trampolines or zip lines.

Even if your child is just six months old you can introduce them to the Baby Gym. Half-hour classes involve you and your infant or toddler under 18 months exploring tunnels, slides, rocking mats, soft balance beams and foam pits. Baby Gym is always free—you won’t ever have to pay until your little tumbler crosses the 18-month threshold. Then it’s time for Tumble Tots, a more structured class that still includes parents right there in the gym. Here kids under the age of three learn social skills and extend their attention spans while learning the basics of handstands and rolls. Separate classes for ages three, four and five amp up your child’s skills as they increase in motor control and tumbling skill, but it’s easy to jump in no matter what the level of experience.

If you’re not sure whether or not gymnastics is right for your child, there’s no pressure. Arizona Sunrays offers a zero-obligation and completely free class session at any age level to families who haven’t visited before. Try it and see for yourself.

Getting There

The gymnastics center is found a couple blocks west of the Piestewa Freeway in Paradise Valley Village.

Arizona Sunrays
3110 E Thunderbird Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032


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