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Itty Bitty Open for Kids in Phoenix

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona hosted their annual Itty Bity Open for kids in Phoenox, ages 3-5, in January. We were so grateful to be able to attend this free socially distance golf class. And there’s a fun follow up at Desert Ridge the next two months for a free mini golf course experience!

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

The Junior Golf Association of Arizona hosted their annual Itty Bity Open for kids in Phoenix, ages 3-5, in January. We were so grateful to be able to attend this free socially distance golf class.

2022 Update

We attended our second annual Itty Bitty Open this year. The event was even better than last year. Numbers and clearer starting points were added, along with golf tees to help kids hit the ball. The updated numbers Coach Cori added were so clear for adults and kids to match their starting point to their hole in the middle of a hula hoop.

My preschoolers had a blast keeping track of their own scores. Well, they did for two holes, and they also tried to get higher numbers despite my reminder they wanted the littlest numbers. And after 4 holes, we had a much-needed snack break. I was also able to convince my kids to caddy for each other.

Golf is definitely not an easy sport for little kids, but The Junior Golf Association of Arizona does an excellent job hosting this event, introducing kids to the sport, and helping connect them with coaches.



We were also able to get a scorecard and pencil to keep score while we played. This would definitely be fin for competitive siblings or experienced caddies who are able to keep score better than this Mom who has never actually kept score during a golf game!


Each child who was registered was given a set of plastic golf clubs and a golf bag with a strap. My kids were a little young to carry them around, so I played caddy to both kids. However, I saw some older kids carrying theirs around just like the professionals!

The field was set up with 9 holes, each spaced apart for social distancing as well as to not get hit by any balls! You were able to play as many holes as you could in the hour-long class. All the coaches were walking around helping and answering questions. My kids found some fall leaves to jump in and ended their game swimming in leaves, but who can blame them, we can golf anytime, we can’t always swim in leaves!


So much fun learning how to play golf at The Itty-Bitty Open. We learned all the basics of golf from Coach Cori from LPGA girls Golf of Phoenix and her assistant coaches. She taught us to hit for distance off the tee with the driver, hit off the fairway with the iron, and use the putter for those short shots into the hole.

If your kiddos would like to try their hand at golf, check out what Desert Ridge is offering on Friday-Sunday these next couple of months! It’s a free mini-golf event, perfect for the family. More information here.




The Junior Golf Association of Arizona is a non-profit organization that introduces our local youth to the game of golf. They conduct more than 100 programs and activities, including etiquette clinics, tournaments, and college prep seminars throughout Arizona each year. They also help future golfers get scholarships. There are options for ages 3 to 18 years of age.

The Youth on Course (YOC) Only Membership for 2021 is $20 which includes access at over 30 facilities to play golf for $5. Click here to apply for the 2021 year. Click here for the tentative 2021 schedule.

For information on LPGA-USGA Girls Golf of Phoenix, please visit Girls Golf. They are offering events in 2021 such as the Frozen Open, Sweetheart Tournament, Mother/Daughter Open, Father/Daughter Open and much more to be announced, check the schedule here. They also host Game Changers that are great for girls ages 3 to 18 to gain confidence in the sport.

Junior Golf Association of Arizona

Girls Golf

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