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Immersive King Tut Experience in Scottsdale

Thinking about visiting the Immersive King Tut Exhibit with the kids? More information below, as well as some thoughts from our hosted visit.

Jana Tingom

Thinking about visiting the Immersive King Tut Experience in Scottsdale exhibit with the kids? More information is below, as well as some thoughts from our hosted visit.

The experience consists of a 30-minute show, projected on four walls, a real 360• experience. The show very briefly touches on who King Tut was, and then showcases his journey after death to the Underworld and beyond. Some chairs are provided, but most visitors sit on the floor. You are welcome to stay as long as you like.

The first room you enter is smaller and has a couple of projections of what the inside of a tomb looks like. The actual show is in the larger room.

Also included: an Egyptian-themed photo op, a fun interactive display, a black and white light tunnel to walk through, a side room with replicas of Van Gogh’s letters, and a gift shop. There are no actual artifacts from King Tut’s tomb on display.

Is it kid friendly? Depends. The pace and visuals may keep younger children mesmerized, or they may be completely bored and too vocal. There is less music and more narration than in the Immersive Monet and Van Gogh shows. It is not enough to cover child chatter. Walking around would be possibly distracting for others as well. We visited with just our 11-year-old for these reasons, as well as the one listed below.

Immersive King Tut Experience in Scottsdale

As stated, the show’s focus is on the afterlife of King Tut. While presented well and not at all graphic, a few scenes may be too much for young children –  like the scene of a large snake, trying to destroy King Tut’s soul. So take this into consideration.

Read up on King Tut and Ancient Egyptian life/beliefs before going! It gives context to what you’ll see. There are a couple of good “Who Was” books that we’ve read, as well as random picture books, found at the library.

Pricing is as follows: Children ages 6-16 are $20person (under 6 free). Adult tickets are $40-$80/per person. This does not include the booking fee and taxes. Dates are available through December 2022, with times from 11 am-7 pm. Located at 4301 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. More information can be found on their website.

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