Horizon Park in Scottsdale

Have you been to Horizon Park in Scottsdale? It’s a sweet park located on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. to the east of the 101. This park runs along the canal, and is a great starting point for a run or walk.

Scottsdale Sunset at Horizon Park

Horizon Park offers dozens of cool activities. There are two large baseball fields, a soccer field, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a large covered playground for children, and more! There’s even a dog park at the west end.

Horizon Park in Scottsdale

The playground is what I’ll focus on, since we took both of our kids there to play recently. Our oldest, Emily, spent about 45 minutes simply swinging on the swings — one of her favorite activities. And, our youngest, who is 11 months old, pretty much just wantedered around in the play area while we followed him — he’s already walking!

Horizon Park in Scottsdale Arizona

The play area is separated into two units. There’s a play area for older kids, and one for younger kids. They’re nice and maintained, and each have a huge net covering to protect you from the sun. The play areas have the usual: Swings, bridges, climbing ladders, and other fun passageways.

Volleyball Court

The park has free parking, and plenty of it. We arrived on a October evening about an hour before sunset. It was one of those perfect days where for some beautiful reason the temperature only hits 75 degrees. This is why we live in Arizona! For our amazing winter months.

The park also has a community center but we did not go in there.

Horizon Park in Scottsdale Play Area for Kids

Getting there

The park is located on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. in Scottsdale.

Horizon Park
15444 N. 100th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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