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Harvest Park in Laveen

We are always in search of playgrounds that engage all of my kids and their interests and Harvest Park in Laveen did just that!

Lucia Perez

We are always in search of playgrounds that engage all of my kids and their interests and Harvest Park in Laveen did just that!

The playground at Harvest Park is small, but has all the activities my kids love. There are two playground sets, one for young children and one for older children. There were many different options of climbing activities, including ropes and monkey bars. They have multiple swings, including baby swings, and many slides. My kids loved the giant rocking chair- they had a blast climbing up on it.

The park has a large field, which is perfect for running and throwing balls. It also has many sidewalks throughout the park, so it would be a great park for your bikes or scooters.

The biggest highlight of the park, according to my kids, was definitely the “Bankshot Basketball” court. They have recently become interested in basketball (thanks, Phoenix Final Four!), but most park basketball hoops are too high for them. This court has multiple hoops at different heights- including one short enough for my 3 yo! The official rules of the game are to use the backboards to score, a challenge that kept my 8 yo very busy. My 6 yo and 5 yo did not play by the rules, but were excited that there were multiple hoops they could reach.

Unfortunately the playground and the basketball hoops are separated by the field. This makes it difficult when some kids want to play basketball and some want to play at the playground. I wish that the hoops were closer to the playground.

The playground is partially shaded. There are drinking fountains, but no restrooms.

Harvest Park in Laveen is located at 5400 Gwen St, Phoenix, AZ 85339. It is very close to Amadio Farms, so after visiting, stop by and grab some lunch and baked goods.


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