Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch

Update October 2019

We stopped by Halloween Town yesterday evening. It wasn’t busy at all, which was nice for the rides and bouncy houses. The selection of pumpkins was amazing! All sizes, with prices ranging from $1 for mini pumpkins to $30 for the largest size. We didn’t sample the food, but prices were normal festival costs, maybe a bit less (i.e. $7/funnel cake, $4/slice of pizza). As a mom, I really appreciated there being hand washing stations at the port-a-potties! There was also a small tent with tables set up as a diaper changing station.

Despite being advertised as geared for children up to age 11, we felt like Halloween Town better suited ages 6 and under. The rides and bouncy houses were fun, but simple, like the kiddie rides you find at the fair. (One ride wasn’t working – we hope this gets fixed soon.) The maze was waist high and basic as well. We didn’t try the carnival games because at $5/game, it seemed pricey.

To be clear, yes you can enter Halloween Town for free! The free aspect gets you personal photo ops and the maze. The rides and bouncy houses you pay for. The advertised arts and crafts is only if you purchase a pumpkin. So for the $20/all day wristband…well, depends on your kiddos. Our children (ages 8 and 4) were ready to leave after after 1.5hours. Not worth the $20/wristband. Paying per ride might have been a better deal. We recommend this place for the younger crowd.

Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch is the newest addition to fall festivals in Phoenix this year There are four areas that Halloween Town offers. The rides and bouncy houses are specially geared for children ages 2-11. There is also an arts and crafts section, with face painting, carnival games, and a pumpkin patch for the family to choose their own pumpkin to take home.

Halloween Town is an extension of a festival from Las Vegas under the same name. We wish Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch the best as they join the list of fall festivals in the Phoenix area.

Halloween Town will be open October 10th – 31st, 2019. Hours are Monday – Friday: 4:30– 9:30PM, and Saturday – Sunday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM.

Admission and parking are free! You only pay for the activities you wish to do inside Halloween Town. Ride tickets are $1/each (most rides take 2-4 tickets), or $20/person for an all day pass to rides and the bouncy houses. A family pack of 20 tickets is $25. Carnival games, arts and crafts, and the pumpkin patch have various prices.

Halloween Town offers two deals. For $100/child you can have access to the rides and bouncy houses every day of the season. This is a may get a good deal if you live in the East Valley, or visit Chandler often. Also, children who visit Halloween Town with a field trip are allowed to come back with their family and experience the fun all over again, no charge! This is a unique deal we have not seen anywhere else.

Halloween Town also is open to events and hosting birthday parties. See their website for more details.

Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch
Phoenix Premium Outlets
4976 Premium Outlet Way
Chandler, AZ 85226


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