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Golfland Sunsplash

Mark Keller

Going to a water park is one of the highlights of a childhood summer, and miniature golf is always a great family fun. So why not do both in the same day? Golfland Sunsplash is a two-in-one amusement park, featuring equal parts putt-putt (that’s the Golfland half) and (Sun)splashing.

There are three different mini golf-courses to choose from, or tackle in succession. King’s Arthur’s Quest has you putting your way to the grail, The fairways of Princess Path wind beneath arches and spire-topped towers, while Lost Dutchman naturally includes a giant windmill.

The other attractions are equally varied. Inside King Ben’s Castle there’s a 200-game arcade and laser tag, plus homemade pizza if you’re hungry. Visitors over the age of three can climb into a tiny racecar and zoom around the Fastcar Speedway, or take it slower in the Bumper Boats. The playland and splash pad will keep the youngest visitors entertained for hours, but eventually you’ll want to head over to the real waterpark.

Golfland stays open year-round, but Sunsplash opens in late May and closes at the end of summer, so you’ll have to time your visit accordingly if you want to hit the high-intensity water slides. There’s a total of sixteen slides and pools to choose from, so there’s no time to describe them all, but here’s a few highlights:

Thunder Falls is a huge seven-storey-tall slide involving three steep drops on the way down. In Stormrider you fly down the slide and orbit the circular track until your raft loses velocity and you drop through the middle into the pool. Visitors describe the Sidewinder as the most adrenaline-pumping of them all. Structured like a half-pipe, you whizz almost straight down its five-storey drop before hitting the curve at the bottom and sailing up the other side.

You can get a free ticket to Golfland Sunsplash with a Pogo Pass, along with admission to other venues (use the promo code AZPLACES at checkout to get 60% off!).

Getting There

Golfland Sunsplash
155 W Hampton Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85210


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