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With summer coming quickly, we’re off on a new adventure - weekly swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School! Our 4 year old had a blast in her first class!

Jana Tingom
Swimming Lessons

With summer coming quickly, we’re off on a new adventure – weekly swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School!

Our 4-year-old had a blast in her first class! The two instructors were fun and patient, giving her multiple practice times in kicking, back floating, and even a quick dip under the water. She wasn’t crazy on volunteering to put her face in the water, but the instructors were very patient and encouraging with the effort made.

And over the next couple of weeks, lessons continue to go very well. She loves the classes (never wants to leave) and is already improving her skills. We can tell she’s more relaxed in the water, which definitely helps to learn the back float, and going underwater. Thank you to her instructors who make it fun!

A huge plus of Goldfish Swim Schools is the online summary that shows progress. This is a great visual for us as parents because while we do watch her swim lessons, it’s nice to have specifics on how our child is learning.

Swimming is an essential skill for every child to learn, especially here in Phoenix where pools are abundant and families spend so much time in and near water! Not every kid has to join a swim team, but every kid should learn to swim confidently and Goldfish is ready to make your child a pro!

Did you know your child can take a trial class for FREE? It’s easy to book online or via phone.

Goldfish Swim School has locations in Scottsdale and Gilbert, with an Ahwatukee location coming soon! Lessons are available starting at 4 months, going up to age 12, and for all skill levels.

In addition to the heated pool, every site offers multiple changing rooms, restrooms, showers, hairdryers, swimsuit dryers, and snacks available for purchase. The lively decorations and “under the sea” music further create an enjoyable and immersive environment for swim lessons.

More info and class info can be found on their website!


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