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Go Glamping RV Rentals in Phoenix

The thought of renting an RV and glamping at a lake sounded amazing to me. The thought of towing an RV, setting it up, and getting everything hooked up with kids running around sounded too stressful. That's when I discovered Go Glamping RV Rentals!

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Go Glamping RV Rentals in Phoenix . The thought of renting an RV and glamping at a lake sounded amazing to me. The thought of towing an RV, setting it up, and getting everything hooked up with kids running around sounded too stressful. That’s when I discovered Go Glamping RV Rentals!

They have 2 options: you can rent the RV and tow it, or they can set it up for you, for a small fee. I contacted them about the process and began looking for the perfect spot. The owner was so helpful with sharing some sites she loved, as well as answering all my questions. I have experience traveling in RVs and what all goes into the process, but didn’t know where to camp, for how long, all that stuff. This is the RV we rented and it was perfect for our family of four.

Go Glamping set up everything before we arrived. We got a tour of the layout, as well as location of everything needed. Then it’s just a little info about quick showers, how to use toilets, etc. The RV is fully stocked with everything we could need. All that was left was unpacking our bags, putting food in the fridge, and starting our adventure!

Already set up and ready for us when we pulled into our camp site!

Below is a look inside our camper and how we set things up. More tips on packing coming at the end.

The kids had a blast in the bunk beds, and with the privacy curtain were able to have their own little rooms! The top bunk bed is a little high and our 4.5 year old asked for help getting up. Our kids have slept in twin beds for years, so I wasn’t’ worried about them rolling all the way down the bed and off; but if you had younger kids, you may want to bring a bumper or stick a pillow at the bottom.

After the kids fell asleep each night, my husband and I were able to sit outside in the most comfortable camp chairs. There is a privacy curtain that separates the master bed, and I brought white noise to help everyone sleep well. Even in close quarters there was no noise issues. (Although one night, a donkey came right up to my window and yelled “he-haw” waking me up.)

Our adventure staying at Lake Pleasant was a whirlwind of fun. We rode the shuttle to Dillons, broke in our new kayak, hiked to find donkeys, checked out Scorpion Bay, played at the playground, hiked down to the water, and so much more.

Go Glamping RV Rentals in Phoenix

When it was time to check out, Go Glamping RV Rentals came, we handed over the keys. We chose to stay and watch them hitch up because not only were the kids excited to see it, but sad to watch it go. As a parent this presents a great chance to let them do all the work packing the camper up. Plus, none of the black and gray dirty work for us! Totally worth them setting up.

Lining up the hitch to haul the RV away.

Lowering the stabilization braces, this is what keeps the RV level while you live in it.

Watching all the action up close, William had to make sure that everything was hooked up right. And off they go!

Packing Tips for an RV Trip

Pack in cubes or soft suitcases. There isn’t a spot for setting out a big suitcase. I put everything in packing cubes in our suitcase, then stashed the suitcase back in my car. Zip lock or reusable bags are great for fitting into small tight spaces and keeping everything organized.

I packed each person’s things in packing cubes and was able to easily store them in the cabinets by the bed.

I brought some drawers from home and was able to pack snacks and kids stuff in here and slip it into the kitchen cabinet.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place! Here, William is showing off where we put our shoes. We took shoes off before going in the RV like we do at home. But our hiking shoes and extras were in here so we wouldn’t trip over them.

Eating in the RV

I kept food for this trip pretty simple because I didnt want to spend time cooking. There is limited space in the RV for preparing meals. The cover on the sink doubles as a cutting board and the stove top has a cover on it that doubles as countertop space.

Included in the RV is a coffee maker, toaster, dishes, silverware and basic pots and pans. I cut up fruit and put it in tupperwear, string cheese, yogurt, some pre-cut veggies, pre-made sandwiches and stuff to grill. Lots of snacks for kids. There is a small fridge in the kitchen as well that we were able to store drinks in. The fridge was actually larger than I was thinking so plenty of room for groceries.

We brought pre-seasoned protein to grill one night, and a salad in a bag. This great BBQ hooks right up to the RV’s propane tank. If you plan to BBQ be sure to mention it to them at drop off so you can see where to plug it in.

Things To Pack

  • A few toys. I stick a couple books and a few crafty things or a few little projects for inside and then bring things like sand toys, buckets, something to collect sea shells in, bubbles, glow bracelets, flash lights, bug catcher kit.
  • Walking / Hiking shoes
  • Water shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Chapstick
  • Bringing a bag of ice, RVs do not have automatic ice makers and if you’re anything like me, you want cold water especially in the summer.
  • Bring lots of water just in case. We filled up our camper cooler. You could easily grab some of those 2 to 5 gallon waters.
  • Little cooler for bringing snacks with you to the lake along with a reusable ice pack to keep snacks from melting at the lake. This applies to lots of destinations in warmer weather. There is one in our camper, but I brought the one we usually use for adventures.
  • Chairs for kids (there are 2 adult chairs in the RV)

A few more notes for lake and RV life:

  • There is a limited number of gallons of water the RV tank will hold (for this one it’s 39) so quick wash.
  • There are 6 gallons of hot water at a time. We did a quick rinse, later up, then washed off. It heats back up from propane in about 30 minutes.
  • For young kids remember there is no tub. I know mine hated showers those first few years. There is a shower wand that lowers so you can quickly rinse off children.
  • To keep kids away from plugs ask to have camper parked close to setups and tell kids to stay on safe side of camper (awning side where door is).
  • It’s tight quarters so plan on being outside. The four of us easily fit at the table for breakfast. However I did send my husband and kids out so I could clean up after cooking and stuff.

Go Glamping RV Rentals offers optional delivery and campsite setup as well as packages available for special occasions. Contact the owner for more information or to plan your vacation.

As a general rule, you never want to tow at your max capacity. Always keep it under to be safe. Also, something many people don’t realize is that the weight inside your vehicle (gear and passengers) should be added to your tow weight. Don’t assume that you can just move gear from your trailer to your car because your trailer is overweight. Please check your manual for how much you can tow and confirm with the owner of the RV.

More information can be found at Go Glamping RV Rentals.

Looking for ideas of things to do at Lake Pleasant? Here’s a review of Paqua Water Park , taking a lake cruise, and general park info.

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