Emerald Park in Mesa

Emerald Park in Mesa. When we had a sudden change of plans, I quickly searched for playgrounds in the area we were in and found a fun spot! The littles playground is wood chip and has a shade cover. There were lots of cute details on the playground. Two toddler swings, a see-saw, and the kids favorite of a zipline!


The big kids wood chip shaded playground was a great climbing spot. We had a fun competition to see who could safely climb the highest by themselves. I still can’t believe how high my kids can climb these days.

This zip line is incredible! There is room for two kids or even adults to ride!

Disc Golf

The disc golf course is spread out over the park. The kids had fun running through all of the grass while still trying to stay out of the way of the couple that was playing. We were able to keep far enough away to run in the grass.


Emerald Park in Mesa is 16 acres and includes a lighted basketball court, lake, picnic tables, BBQ grills, cement volleyball court, disc golf, and two shaded wood chip playgrounds. There are no restrooms available at this park.

Getting There

There is a large parking lot located on Harris Drive that is directly next to the playground. The volleyball court and starting point for disc golf are located farther west in the park.

Emerald Park

1455 S Harris Drive

Mesa, AZ 85204

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