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Disney on Ice in Phoenix: Review of Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

Chris and Jana Tingom

disney-on-ice-phoenixIt’s true. Disney on Ice is a magical experience. It’s a beautifully choreographed 2-hour adventure with most of your favorite Disney characters.

We saw the Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy event at the US Airways Center last night, along with a few thousand other people. What a night! Here’s my review of Disney on Ice.

We saw all of our favorites including Toy Story 3 characters, Cars, The Little Mermaid, and Tinker Bell. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with Donald Duck, and Goofy were the hosts.

The show was approximately two-hours long. Our seats were about $25/each after fees.

Part 1

The show opens with a skit that includes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse driving a little red car. The car breaks down and Donald Duck and Goofy attempt to fix it.

disney on ice characters

When that doesn’t work, they realize they are going to need a tow truck. That’s when Mater from Cars makes his grand debut, along with about 5 other characters from Cars. They make a grand entrance, and manage to drive around the ice rink without crashing into one another.

Somehow during all of this Mickey Mouse gets his car running again, and they join the race. It’s all very grand, and fun to watch!

The next scene involves Ariel from The Little Mermaid. There’s lots of singing, and nearly all of the characters from the movie are introduced including the queen, the prince, and the lobster. Ariel performs beautifully on ice, and does a lot of really fancy ice skating tricks to escape from the queen and the eels.

They do a really good job of including the best songs and stories from the movie. At the end of the show, Ariel is able to kiss the prince and become human.

woody disney on ice

Next, we were treated to an extravagant show about Tinker Bell and the Tinker Fairies. I’ve seen each of the movies about a hundred times, but I don’t know which story they were attempting to tell. I think it was the Secret of the Wings movie, though.

All of the fairies are included, and each introduced individually… including Vidia, Terrence, and Bobbles. Tinker Bell must clean up several messes she has created. Which, she did accomplish through some clever dancing and skating.

Part 2

After a brief intermission, the fun continued with a huge hour-long Toy Story 3 remake. They told almost the entire story of Toy Story 3 including scenes of Andy packing up his toys for college, and the toys landing at Sunnyside daycare.

All of the major toys were involved, including Lotso Bear (the arch nemesis who concocts to imprison the toys at Sunnyside). The gang must work to free themselves.

There were so many excellent scenes, such as the toy soldiers skating and singing, to Spanish speaking Buzz Lightyear.

But, you know who really stole the show? Barbie and Ken. They had the best lines, best skating, and hilarious lines. There’s a whole scene where Ken gives a clothing show to Barbie, and that was hilarious. Then, Barbie ties up Ken and tears all of his clothes in half.

disney on ice phoenix arizona

The second half of the show was perfect for our 3-year old daughter, who has recently had a fascination with Toy Story 3. We’ve watched it perhaps every day for a month!

Getting there

Would’ve loved to see some cameo appearances with some other princesses. Our daughter wanted to see Belle, and Rapunzel. Or maybe Cinderella or Elsa. But, well go back for the Frozen version next year.

Disney on Ice is in town for the rest of this week, and I highly recommend it! There are showings every day at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ.

To get tickets, check the Ticketmaster web site or the Disney on Ice web site.

If you happen to miss this show, you’ll be happy to know that they’re coming back to Phoenix in January, 2016, with the Disney on Ice: Frozen show. An all new show featuring the songs and music from Frozen.

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