Discovery Park in Gilbert

Discovery Park in Gilbert is not a playground kid of park, but more of an outdoors kind of destination. There are walking paths, fields for games, lots of ramadas for events, walking path, learning path and space to be outdoors. Oh and ducks. So many ducks!


There is a tiny wood chip playground with climbing rocks and swings. We were there in March 2021 so I am not sure if there was only on swing because of Covid or repairs. If your destination is a playground, this is not your park.


There are lots of ramadas throughout the park. There are options on everything from a basic covered bench to one with full power. The full list here has a list of them all. For information on rentals check here.


Discovery Park in Gilbert is a 48 acre park that opened in 2006. It features 5 multi use fields, basketball courts, sand volleyball pits, 2 ponds which are stocked as part of the community fishing program, a small playground with a fun climbing rock, a network of multi use trails, and 8 picnic ramadas

Did you know this park in Gilbert was named Discovery because of the discovery of fossils of a Columbian Mammoth near the site during construction? After There was a naming contest and the mammoth came to be known as Tuskers. Exact replicas of the fossils found can be seen at Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert.

The Learning Path creates a fun way to get a little mental and physical activity added into your park visit.

Getting There

There are 400 parking spots available, so no need to worry about finding one! You may want to look at the map to find your desired destination if you want to park close.

Discovery Park
2214 E Pecos Road
Gilbert, AZ 85297

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