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Cyber Quest at the Arizona Boardwalk

Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

Cyber Quest at the Arizona Boardwalk is an arcade unlike any other! This family-friendly entertainment venue just opened and features only non-violent games and a wide variety of arcade-style games for all ages to enjoy.

Just purchase a card, register it with our team, and begin earning rewards. The purchased credits are stored on your Club Card for easy gameplay and future use. Cyber Quest Club Card $1.00 Games range from .50 cents to $2 All “tickets” are loaded on the card so you can easily collect your prize. At each game, simply swipe and play.

The kids had a blast playing all the driving games, baseball, and squirting water at UFOs and wanted to try them all.  We had a lot of fun collecting cards and tokens at the DC Super Heroes game.

Hot Wheels was definitely the favorite!

The Prize Zone is a floor-to-ceiling display with a wide variety of options for winners! I was worried my two would earn enough rewards to win a stuffie that they would end up fighting over, but they had so many tickets on their card that they each picked a huge prize, and had more to save for next time!

The Prize Zone features plush and licensed toys from popular cartoons or blockbuster movies, travel and board games, craft kits, and more! They also offer technology-driven awards like iPads, e-Readers, and other great prizes.

There is a small café inside. I saw pretzels, breadsticks, chicken tenders, nachos, and pizza on the menu.

Party Packages coming soon! Cyber Quest at the Arizona Boardwalk is open Mon – Sun 10am – 8pm.

Cyber Quest

9500 East Vía de Ventura Ste D120

Scottsdale, AZ 85256

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  • Kim Gudykunst Ollerhead

    Kim is a chef, dishwasher, dry cleaner, housekeeper, landscaper, snack fetcher, photographer and personal assistant to toddler twins. Curently homeschooling her three year olds and loving teaching preschool. She loves exploring everything with her kids and photographing every minute of it. Follow her on Instagram @phoenixwithtwins.

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