Crescent Moon Picnic Site in Sedona

Crescent Moon Picnic Site in Sedona is one of the best places to view the iconic beautiful red rocks. It is also the location where photographers go to get the amazing photos of the red rocks with the stream in the photo.

Crescent Moon Picnic Site is one of my family’s favorite hikes, and is the perfect day stop for a hike before or after lunch. You can do it in a couple of hours, and still see other parts of Sedona.


The hike

This is an amazing hike that runs along the water for about 2 miles. The hike begins at the parking lot where there’s also latrines. They’re kept generally clean and in order by the attendee.There are paved walkways extending throughout the first part of the hike and nearly down to the water.



Check out that view! This location is only a few minutes walk from the parking lot, and is accessible to anybody. Such a great place for a family day-hike.

The park includes huge grassy fields where you can have a family picnic, play games, or just enjoy the beautiful views of the red rocks.


Crescent Moon Picnic Site in Sedona

At some point the hike actually leaves the park and enters neighboring state property. The walkway remains flat and follows the winding river. In the summertime people will often walk in the stream, or jump in the water. At the end of the two miles is a fairly large swimming area, if you desire. It’s fun to throw rocks in the creek as well.

We love coming here for fall hikes in particular! Usually mid to late October has the best foliage. But any time of the year can be a great time to hike and enjoy the beauty of Cathedral Rock. Just note that this place can get extremely busy during the summer, especially weekends.There is a fee to enter the park, of about $10 per car.



Crescent Moon Picnic Site
333 Red Rock Crossing Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

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